Figue Fraîche

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Black Tea
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Fig, Floral, Fruity, Dried Fruit, Honey
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  • “Sweet, juicy, fruity tea. Thanks so much, MissB! I’ve really enjoyed this one, but I’m not sure I’d ever pick any up. It’s just not a flavour I think I’d reach for a lot. But you never know. Maybe...” Read full tasting note
  • “This was a ZOMG diamond prize in the awesome swap box Dexter3657 sent me—I’ve been DYING to try it; it’s the tea from Dammann that was the main motivation every time I’d go through the hoops of...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is a juicy fig tea for sure! Thank you Dexter3657 for sharing this tasty cup. I don’t know how often I would reach for it just because fig is not a flavor I think about. However, when I do...” Read full tasting note
  • “The dry leaf of Figue Fraîche strongly smells like dry fig to me. It is very pleasant.It smells really like summer, Mediterranean countries. 4 minutes steeping later, I get the classic medium...” Read full tasting note

From Dammann Frères

“Figue Fraîche” flavored black tea

Blend of black teas flavored with fig aroma. The generous and sweet flavor of fig fits harmoniously in a well balanced cup.

Brewing time: 4 to 5 minutes

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44 Tasting Notes

2291 tasting notes

Sweet, juicy, fruity tea.

Thanks so much, MissB!

I’ve really enjoyed this one, but I’m not sure I’d ever pick any up. It’s just not a flavour I think I’d reach for a lot. But you never know. Maybe in the future… :)


200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

I pretty much feel the same way about this tea. :)

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612 tasting notes

This was a ZOMG diamond prize in the awesome swap box Dexter3657 sent me—I’ve been DYING to try it; it’s the tea from Dammann that was the main motivation every time I’d go through the hoops of online shopping basket calculations and fretting about customs—huge THANK YOU! Every time I nearly pulled the trigger on an overseas or through-some-mysterious-North-American-vendor-and-still-expensive order, I teetered on that ledge and walked off just in time by reminding myself until I know for sure I love this or other similar gorgeous sounding blends from them it’s silly really.

So to be honest, I’ve been secretly hoping to be let down a little so I can breathe a sigh of relief and forget about all the hassle/cost. Well. Turns out not quite. There are not angels blowing trumpets in my mouth or anything, but this is quite good. It’s hard to find many fig teas at all, harder still to find any that really taste of fig, and then nearly impossible to find ones that taste of fig AND are tasty as tea. While not the rapturous perfection I was fantasizing about in my head (a perfect fresh fig is, for me, one of the most transcendent and dizzingly sexy gastronomic experiences one can have), this is good and grows on me the more I linger on it. I can see why the smell could be offputting to some—it’s a very ripe bordering on spoiled fig, or maybe like a jammy, cooked down or dried one. You know that aromatic element of extremely soft, sweet-to-bursting, floral-rot funk fruit gets, kind of wine skin-ish? It’s like that. What’s interesting is flavor-wise it does not taste overly sweet at all. It’s a bit woody-drying thanks to the Ceylon I think, and it fits well because it captures the seed-filled sticky quality of a real fig. There’s a subtle tartness too that works well with that texture. And I like that you can taste the tea, and it contributes naturally to the impression of figginess.

So. I rather like this. I’m not blown away though, so I’m thinking it’s a good thing I didn’t go crazy ordering DF for myself in full-size amounts just yet. Thank you so much Dexter3657 for helping me figure this all out. Super useful opportunity.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

There is a huge fig tree near where I work, and we often pass it on our way to lunch. The smell of the figs in season is dizzingly uplifting. I love figs!


Sorry that you weren’t blown away, but really happy to have helped you in the learning/exploration of this tea. Try before you buy is always a good thing – maybe you’ll find something else you like better that is easier to get a hold of. :))


Man Dex, I’ve been trying to no avail to leave comments on your notes all week but whenever I hit post they disappear into the ether and suddenly the page says I’m not following you. Ack! Anyway, I’ve been so happy to see you dig some of the stuff I sent—I haven’t tried the wine pu erh yet myself but now I’m even more excited to (let’s not go into what that even says about the sorry crazy state of affairs re: my out of control stash, heh).

Anyway, yes! I’ve really been enjoying the teas you sent me—had a bunch of the fancypants straight blacks last week and need to log them soon, and my husband and I have been enjoying the S&Vs for afternoon tea—and this was definitely the one I knew would be the most useful/game-changing for me, where it’d either convince me to part with a bunch of money and start stressing about DF ordering, or I’d be relieved, ha. I’m so glad I have a better grip on their tea now. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve tried of theirs but not “spend a fortune to buy 100g” in love, which is perfect really. Thank you so much!


NofarS, as a fig fiend that is my idea of heaven! (:


Not to worry – Steepster has been misbehaving for me this week too. Happy that you have been enjoying the package I sent you. :))
I don’t want to talk about the sorry state of my cupboard – I haven’t tried ANY not one of my BF teas – including this one. I haven’t tried any of the Fauchon I sent you…. out of control stash. I need to take a couple of days and drink some of MY teas.:))


I remember finding this tea somewhat discombobulating when I first tasted it because I’d never had fig in tea before, but once I got past that I became a big fan.


Heh, you two and me as well with the out-of-control stashes! :) I have a huge fig tree in my front yard.. I should see about mailing them off when they’re ripe again, because literally pounds of them went to waste last year. I posted on Craigslist for people to come and get them, even.


Sooooo jealous! I would gorge on them ‘til I got sick if I could in the summertime, nothing makes me feel quite as languid and summery voluptuous as biting into a fresh fig, yum. A few friends here have had trees in the past at the apartments/houses they rented, but they’ve since moved on. I can’t grow anything that survives past a year to save my life alas, so I am fruitless.

I also always think of that cheesy-funny scene in the movie adaptation of House of Mirth with Gillian Anderson where the guy comes on to her by offering her figs and mentioning their, ehrm, evocative qualities. Haha.

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6444 tasting notes

This is a juicy fig tea for sure! Thank you Dexter3657 for sharing this tasty cup. I don’t know how often I would reach for it just because fig is not a flavor I think about. However, when I do have a fig, it is a delicious treat and this tea captures that flavor perfectly.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I’ve been seeing quite a few tea notes pop up on this one, but I’m not so sure I’m crazy about figs haha.


I love figs and sadly have been disappointed by the two figgy teas I have tried. I will have to give this one a go.


Heh. Likely due to myself and Dexter grabbing a schwack of it (minimum 100g order with Dammann Frères), and then liking it yet wanting to share, since our cupboards are so out of control. ;)


Minimum 100g? Eek. And I thought 50g was bad haha!


Yep I got lots in that split order – I’ve send quite a bit out in swaps and have yet to try it. At least others will know if they like it or not before they order 100g. That’s the beauty of sharing/swaps.

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408 tasting notes

The dry leaf of Figue Fraîche strongly smells like dry fig to me.
It is very pleasant.It smells really like summer, Mediterranean countries.

4 minutes steeping later, I get the classic medium bodied black tea base of Dammann with a strong fig taste + a bakery taste.
Drinking it it reminds me some little biscuits we have here, the Figolu which is something similar to your newtons fig.
The fig is really natural and tasty, no doubt this is a greedy fruity fig tea.

Even if it reminds me the figolu biscuits, it is absolutely not an over-sweetened tea, it’s a perfect fig tea.

I’m very happy to finally have the opportunity to enjoy it, I had difficulties to find it (Dammann frères shops didn’t have it ! and the salesman even asked me if I was sure Figue Fraîche was one of their teas…you know with a stupid snobbish way to speak ! YES I was sure, grrrrrrr Working here, are you sure to know the teas of the brand ? hehehe). I managed it to find on line and now I have 50 g to enjoy. YES Figue Fraîche is typically a Dammann Frères Tea, natural with a smooth medium bodied black tea base from China and Ceylon.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I asked for a tea the other day at Dammann and they were very surprised to hear the name. But thankfully one person in the shop knew it was one of their teas (they just didn’t have any).

I ordered some of this tea from as well, hopefully I will eventually get my order! It got delivered after I left my hotel, and they said they would send it to me.


so you are enjoying the hot weather here in Paris :)
I hope you’ll get your parcel soon. Instant Thé was very reliable from my experience and the French mail service is normally very good.
I think you’ll enjoy this one, looking forward to read your review about it and other DF !
The service at Dammann shops is just nice, not better

Ruby Woo Scarlett

I hate when sales assistants don’t even know their own products. I’ve worked in retail and it’s happened to me but at least I had the decency of actually researching the product before rolling my eyes.
Don’t think I’ve ever had fig in tea, it sounds delicious.

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1501 tasting notes

Like Ysurella, I smell figs when I opened the bag. Ripe, juicy figs. It smells a bit less so after steeping, and I’m getting astringency from the brew after sipping, however in a good way? I find it pleasant and fitting the tea, oddly. I’ll have to play with this one a bit more on the steeping parameters however; I think I can get it more… fleshy. Juicy. Better.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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2036 tasting notes

Another from the Doulton-organized Dammann Freres shopping spree.

Wow. The dry leaves smell like fresh figs! Fresh juicy figs, not the drying and overly sweetened stuff that goes into Newtons (although I have to admit I have a weakness for that as well). It’s amazing.

The tea’s aroma, if anything, makes the figgy smell sweeter. It’s warmth makes the figs seem baked, but doesn’t change the fundamental character of freshness that I’m getting. Fresh baked is still pretty fresh. The tea has a really nice biscuity quality, with some floral notes as well.

The figs aren’t as present in the taste as they are in the aroma, but they’re still there, and they have a fresh, fruity aspect to them. It’s a deeper, rounder fig flavor than I expected, again much more reminiscent of the fruit itself than of anything made with it.

I haven’t had figs in tea before (at least knowingly) and it’s a pretty unique taste. But one I can totally get behind.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Miss Sweet

Fig tea! This sounds amazing!!


All I could think about was “oh bring us some figgy pudding” while reading your two fig tea tasting notes LOL!


And a happy new year!

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564 tasting notes

Attempting a resteep. This still smells incredible, and I think I could easily get addicted to it. There’s more black tea this time around, but it’s still nice and fruity.

After a few quick searches I’m despairing a little, however; none of the U.S. sources for this company seem to sell this one! And everywhere in Canada/elsewhere has shipping over $20… I’m willing to pay for shipping from France (which is cheaper than Canada?!) if I have a big order, but surprise customs fees also scare me. Sigh.

Anyway, the tea: I think this actually worked as a resteep but it’s about half as dark so I won’t attempt a third. It’s more watery but the same flavor is still there. Honestly, when I say “watery” it’s not really fair—this is about what I would expect from most fruit-flavored blacks. It’s just that the first cup was so flavorful it just about knocked me out. I’m glad I’ll be able to make it last this way since I’m not sure when I’ll be able to restock! :(


You can get Dammann Frères teas at Cadeau Vendomme in France, for really reasonable prices (around 5-7 euros per 100g). Shipping was a flat rate 8 eurpos to North America, lighting fast, and exceptionally well packaged.


… and I know they have this because I bought 100g of it. ;)


Oh, and I paid zero customs fees. Sorry for all the notes!

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390 tasting notes

i loved this sample from ysaurella…. it’s funny, when i look at the amount she sent me for each tea it’s almost as though she anticipated that i would mess up the first attempt! because although i messed up all of the damman first steeps, i had enough left over to try again and add the extra that made it perfect, lol.

as i mentioned in a review yesterday i am happy with damman freres blends with 1.5 times the recommended amount.

once i got the amount right this blend was exceptional. i am a fig fan, big time. i have a fig tree in the front yard… though sadly it does not produce fruit for me.

if i could design an old growth forest i would do it with fig trees… that as they aged bore immense pear sized figs that were light and sweet and tangy. the fruit would be harboured under the canopy of broad leaves. my forest would be hectares long and acres wide.

all the houses bordering my forest would be equipped with windows that had built in wipers because whenever there was a wind storm the great soft figs would splatter against the glass and no one would be able to see! (welcome to my world?)the deer and cariboo would also leave your flowers alone in this imaginary place because the grounded figs would more than satisfy! (we have a ‘small’ deer population in our area, lol)

with the blend amount amended this tea gave me everything: i got sunshine in the summertime, the mild tang of an italian honey fig, a sense of juiciness, ripeness, i even (somehow) gleaned the light taste of seeds!

all fruit, no floral. not creamy, not astringent. this tea very accurately reflects a fresh fig. beautifully done.

195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec

So adding this to the shopping list.


lol! you and i just keep egging each other on to break our budgets!


I know! So let’s absolutely keep it up! ;P


Sounds like a winner!


aren’t we both students? which means we are inherently broke? lol. meh, what studentaid doesn’t know won’t hurt them! how many students blow their loans on drugs and booze… tea can’t be that bad. i have a return swap that has to head out to ysaurella, after that we could swap! assuming i haven’t whittled everything down to a point where you see nothing that interests you!

i have silk road here too…. X0P


I like very much this one and I am happy you enjoyed it so much. To me it tastes a lot fig pastry more than fresh fig but I loved it as it is.

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863 tasting notes

Do you know what happens when you put 5 tsp. of this in a DAVIDsTEA mason jar (25 oz. volume) and let this cold brew for about…oh, 18 hours?

Well, first of all, you get the most fabulous fruity iced tea that there ever was. The base Dammann uses here allows for the juicy fig note to take center stage but this is still very much a good black tea that does not need sweetening to be awesome.

Second of all, you can use the leaves twice and get a lighter black tea with even more sweet figgy notes that is just as amazing as the first go around.

This was a definite win – the mason jar (I love it so hard), the tea, everything. I’ll be experimenting with other fruity teas cold but honestly this may take over peach tea as my cold tea of choice this summer.


Does the metal filter fit into all mason jars or just one it comes with?


I would say yes, though I don’t have any mason jars of comparable size to check for sure. It doesn’t snap in or anything, though – really it’s just like their smaller stainless steel strainers that I use with any mug.


Ah, I see. It looked like the lip was smaller than the perfect mug strainer when I checked the website. I do a lot of cold steeps in the fridge in mason jars over the summer, so it could be handy to have.


Sweet! I want the mason jar for cold brewing especially!

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15155 tasting notes

Sipdown! This is another tea from the lovely dinosara and man…this is delicious! I really am loving this one – i wish i had a bit more to send to gracebtlb as it might just fill the figgy void i know she has. This is a medium bodied tea, that tastes just like black figs to me. It’s like a fruit garden and reminds me of biting into a fresh fig. I love it! thanks dinosara!


Mm, yes I love this one! Perfect fig.


Oh man, that sounds wonderful. I love figs and would kill for a good fresh fig-tasting tea as I can’t get fresh figs too often here. Yum.

Terri HarpLady

ooohhh, this sounds very interesting!

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