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From Butiki Teas

Our signature house blend pairs our Organic Imperial Gunpowder with spearmint and a touch of spicy peppermint for a sweet, smooth, and refreshing mint flavor. The Organic Imperial Gunpowder base originates from the Anhui Province in China and has a marine taste that finishes lightly smoky.

Recommended Brew Time: 2 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 level teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 180 F

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4 Tasting Notes

676 tasting notes

Thank you Stacy for this sample

It has been several months since I taste tested this tea. I think it’s important to revisit and try tea’s more than once.
Previously, I commented on the preference I have for making mint tea with fresh mint from one growing on my patio with lots of sugar the way it’s done in Lebanon and much of the Middle East. (My friend introduced me to cafe’s in San Francisco that serve tea this way). You are supposed to sit and sip slowly and talk for hours on a hot day.

Putting my prejudices aside, I have learned to appreciate the effort of Stacy to sell only the best organic tea’s with quality flavor that I appreciate. I wanted to give this mint a second taste review.

This morning, I was preparing myself with some Lebanese music and wondering what to wear later to a Hookah Bar? Jeans? Uh, this is close to the University and I’m going with Schey (she’s 18) who’s soooo excited! Every day Schey has been calling “When are we going to the Hookah Bar Grandma?”….gar.! Mint tea was on the list of things to do before going to a Hookah Bar. (I think)

(I’m skipping right to the taste)

The flavor of this tea was surprising. Delicate, smooth, fresh.
The gunpowder tea was so mellow and soft adding a taste almost pastry-like.(I don’t remember any gunpowder tea tasting that way.) There wasn’t any smokiness.
The peppermint was not like a breath mint…nooooo. The peppermint was soft…very, very soft without a bite. I noticed a curious floral fragrance hidden in the mint.
The mouthfeel became creamy. That was unexpected. Creamy peppermint and gunpowder would be insane unless you know how Stacy blends tea. She is a master of creating creamy tea’s.
The ending had a tiny little tannin right at the finish.
This was a delightful tea. I am again Hook-uh-ed (haha dumb pun!)!

Time to put on some more music. Next order Stacy! Moroccan Mint for Me! Lebanese Bellydance Music Moroccan Beautiful Guitar…very nice

Hookah Bar Photo… NOT GOOD!

Butiki Teas

The husband and I love going out to a hookah bar on special occasions. Great food and a great time to relax and enjoy good conversation. Fresh mint tea is amazing! You’ve got me in the mood for some Middle Eastern food. Maybe I will make some Ful Medames for lunch.


I’ll have some labne and zaatar with flat bread and an orange. There are 2 Middle Eastern eateries down the street (I live 2miles from the University always have food close by) .
I knew you were a hookah girl! I’ve seen them at celebrations at Church outside especially at the Antiochian Orthodox parishes having more Lebanese, and Palestinian members (or in my friends Church in Santa Cruz, CA. Beach people)

Butiki Teas

I had to look those food items up. That combination of herbs sounds delicious. Yes, definitely a hookah girl. Our Israeli friend got me and a lot of our friends into it and its really nice occasionally. He does a lot of special blends that are amazing. He made us a mint, vanilla, lavender that was fantastic and a mix he calls gummy bear which is pretty much every sweet fruit combined.


I’m allergic to beans, potato and nightshade plants (tomato, eggplant, peppers etc.) so I do eat dairy during Orthodox Fasts (vegan) (adds up to about 6 months of the year) since it would be very hard to be vegan like you.


Mid east food, hookah, sweet mint tea, Lebanese music, = BLISS!


Still want to know why you have 10 hookahs?! You probably belly dance too!

Butiki Teas

Bonnie, I could see how it would be very very difficult to eat vegan when you can’t have beans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper. Geez.


But I can drink TEA!

Butiki Teas

What would we do without tea?


I’m sitting in the hooka bar with Schey drinking mint tea with a mint vanilla mix in the hooka pipe! Took pictures! Does your grandma do this with you? Ha heee!

Invader Zim

Can you adopt me as your granddaughter Bonnie?

Butiki Teas

You’re an awesome grandma! You should link us to some pics.


Put a icky pic up there…


Oh Im sorry I am terrible about recalling posts to go back and look for responses on.
Well … hubby and I smoked almost 2 packs a day EACH for years.
We wanted to quit smoking.
So we got into hookah.
Cigs are for nervous people and we would chain smoke ESPECIALLY when working not even realizing how much we smoked.
So when we switched we did so for a few reasons.
Hookah tobacco being FAR less nicotine FAR Less.
Anyway – we totally got into it.
Found a lovely BEAUTIFUL hookah that we adored and bought it.
Then we saw this other one that was from a different country and looked AMAZING and got it.
Then well there was this other one that was modern looking.
THEN we found an Al Nawras from Syria and since things were looking scary there we knew we better get one before no one could anymore!
you get the picture I bet!
Hookahs are like tea. … you can love more than one and besides they are quite stunning works of art!
Don’t EVEN get me started on Bohemian glass vases to sit the stems on!
we actually at one time had over 20 but re-sold many of them to friends and people on the hookah forum.
There is still one I want though .. have always lusted for it.
A turkish one that is made by a family for generations, hand casted all brass, with two turtle doves on the stem.
I could have got it but guess what….I got a Breville one touch tea maker instead.
Yup thats my story lol
And that was the short version.


Cool! Love peoples stories! No two alike! Thanks for telling yours! :)


I just recently heard of a Hookah. I loved reading that, Azzarian. The short version?! Wow!


LOL yeah it was and thanks :)

Butiki Teas

Azzrian-Sounds like you have some awesome hookahs! Bonnie-Great pic with your granddaughter.


Thanks Stacy :)

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709 tasting notes

Well, I’ve had this long enough, it’s about time I had an opportunity to try it. The beau does not like mint teas (or chais, though that’s a different matter) so I usually only drink them at work. This one, unfortunately, had never made its way to work and sat forgotten in the sample basket. Today, it was rescued! Dry, there is mostly a mint smell, but a little warmer and fuller than plain spearmint. Steeped, the aroma is very similar to a plain mint tea, but again it seems a litle more rounded, likely from the green tea.

I’m not much for green tea, but I AM much for mint…this tastes mostly of mint to me, with a slightly thicker mouthfeel than plain spearmint affords. The green tea doesn’t really come forward in any discernible way, but I’m aware that there is something there tempering the mint. I prefer this to my other mint green tea, largely because I find the green tea to be so quiet. I get a little queasy from green tea sometimes, so I prefer not to be too aware of its presence. I do get hints of it on the back end of the sip, but as I said earlier, it is playing nicely with the mint.

For what it is, this is perfectly satisfying, unfortunately there is nothing that stands out about it. Thank you for the opportunity to sample this, however!


Just so everyone knows, this actually makes a shockingly good re-steep. The mint flavour is still intense and in general the flavour is almost identical. I find I get a hint more of the green flavour at the front of the sip, but it’s all mint at the end. I’m impressed with that!


Third steep yields no discernible mint flavour, but a surprisingly floral and sweet green tea flavour that I don’t really mind. I would rather be drinking something else at this point, but I digured it was worth pushing, and I’m glad I did!

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25 tasting notes

This is really delicious, exactly what you’d expect. Not too minty, very, very good iced and goes well with lots of sugar.

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