Chocolate Chip

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Black Tea
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Chocolate, Cocoa, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Roasted, Sweet, Vanilla, Alcohol, Dark Bittersweet, Milk
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From Adagio Teas

The Mesoamerican peoples left a decadent legacy in their use of the bean from the cacao tree. Today we find it desserts and savories. Dark chocolate chips melt into the infusion of this Ceylon black tea to create the ultimate coupling of two taste bud tantalizers. We hope you will excuse us as we indulge ourselves by blending Chocolate Chip tea. We couldn’t resist and hope you won’t either.

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62 Tasting Notes

1908 tasting notes

I’m going to miss this tea when it’s gone (which will be soon); it’s so smooth it practically caresses the tongue as it goes down. I think I might be detecting a hint of vanilla in it too, now that I think about it.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

How does this work for resteeps? I’d think the chocolate flavor would drop off much quicker than their plain chocolate tea cuz the chips melt in the 1st cup.

Mitch Donaberger

Bleh. Chocolate teas make me sick. I don’t know what it is about them. The flavor just never settles with me.


Part of me wants to take my remaining Ceylon and just toss a few pieces of chocolate chips inside the tin.


+ 1 for editing comments. Excuse my malformed sentence. I need some caffeine.

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892 tasting notes

Had another cup of this today with a giant bowl of vanilla ice cream and caramel :) mmmmmmm

Lariel of Lórien

I just got this one.


Did you like it?

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6768 tasting notes

Thanks for this one Emilie! I’m really shocked I never ordered this back when I was placing orders with Adagio for their tea lines! These days…I will put in orders for their Signature Blends, moreso.

This smells like black tea and chocolate milk. It has a nice solid brown color to it once infused.

The flavor – and I was careful not to over infuse so it wouldn’t get bitter – is really tasty! It’s black tea with a creamy, milky chocolate flavor to it. The chocolate chips really seem to work with this black tea base.

Pretty Yummy!!!

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448 tasting notes

I must be on a chocolate kick today. I suddenly decided as I was getting ready for class that what I really needed was mint hot chocolate. And now this. Maybe I should just go ahead and have chocolate for dinner! (Actually I’m going to have Chick Fil A yum yum).

For some reason, I always expect this tea to taste like chocolate milk. Of course, it doesn’t. It has dark chocolate bits (some of which I may have eaten) that makes this a littler…deeper, for lack of a better word. It’s not just instant sweet chocolateness. If you go into this expecting a drinkable candy bar, you will be disappointed.

I really enjoy this tea. Also, my mommy got it for me for Christmas. Yay mom! :) I have plenty left of this too, if anybody would like a sample.
4 min, 45 sec

No WAY we all want Chocolate Candy Bars and where is your STASH! If this is like deep dark chocolate then I would actually like it…with a dash of salt! If it’s light then nah. What is it with everyone today…Danish, Candy Canes, Cookies, Chocolate…Cake…I NEED SOME SUGAR!


Haha are you sure you haven’t had sugar already?

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123 tasting notes

I like the subtlety of the chocolate in this tea. It’s not WHAM BAM SUGARLY FAKE CHOCOLATE FLAVOR, but a lighter, authentic flavor that works with the tea instead of trying to smother it.

I did slightly oversteep it, so there’s a faint acidity to the brew, but even with that the tea is quite pleasing.

As with all my teas lately, I am drinking this iced.


I just don’t have the taste for dessert teas cold yet… :(


Think of it as chocolate chip ice cream! Cold = yummy!


Couldn’t unless it has cream/milk, which I hardly ever add to a plain chocolate teas. And then I think it would just taste like chocolate milk. And comparing the two, chocolate milk is better. I guess it’s just not for me. :(

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23 tasting notes

Today I woke up with a stiff neck and a headache, probably from ninjutsu. I took my meds and sat down with a cup of chocolate chip tea. Oh heaven. I can relax and just go through my emails and facebook. Life is better.


Ugh. That happens to me every so often. I feel your pain. Glad you’re feelin better and that this tea helped!:)

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812 tasting notes

thanks for this chocolate morning Shadowfall!

i’ll be honest, a part of me is such a cheerleader that i want to love every single swap tea i receive just because i’m so grateful for the gift and for the steepster community. now sure, i know that’s not practical or realistic, but it’s where my heart lies.

this tea was ‘meh’. when it was hot hot it was a subtle chocolate warming drink. but as it cooled, it just became watery kinda chocolate maybe tea. made me crave some of that intense della terra dubble chocolade. sorry chocolate chip. no hard feeling :(


haha i was the same way at first but quickly realised that part of the fun of swapping is aharing teas you love and teas you don’t love as much in case they become someone else’s favourites.


I still feel bad about it too. Especially when it comes to giving it a number.

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218 tasting notes

Another from my swap with Michelle.

This one smells great dry. It’s a lovely smooth chocolate smell, and you can still get a hint of the black tea. I steeped it for about 4 mins, because I really like chocolate! and I figured it wouldn’t be so long the black would go bitter. And I was right – no bitterness in the black base, it was quite soft and smooth. The chocolate was also very smooth, and tasted a bit like a softer, milliner chocolate than something like The Art of Tea’s Chocolate Intensitea, which is a big hit of dark chocolate with a stronger black base.

Yes, I’d say this is a softer, subtler version of AoT’s chocolate. Its quite lovely. Not a full blown chocolate hit, but very lovely all the same. Thanks Michelle!

Oh, I added a little vanilla sugar (from Azz) which brought out the chocolate notes a bit more :). Milk was good too.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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95 tasting notes

I am a bit obsessed with chocolate tea ever since I got a sample of some from another tea retailer. That tea has been my favorite of all the chocolate teas I’ve tried but it requires shipping costs which I hate so I’ve tried to find something similar everywhere I can. This tea, while good, does not displace that as my favorite. First steeping was nice and chocolatey, but I think this other tea uses milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate but found the balance between the black tea and the milk chocolate to be slightly more pleasing. The disappointment with this tea came on the second steeping which turned out extremely weak. I had considered bumping this one to my chocolate tea default considering cost and ease of procurring more but with no second steep I don’t think I can do that. So the quest continues. I guess there are worse ways to spend one’s time.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Have you tried Joy’s Teaspoon’s Chocolate Pot de Tea yet in your quest? I haven’t tried it yet personally but have heard good things. I personally enjoy David’s Tea’s Ready My Lips but it has a good deal of mint in it as well.


Joy’s Chocolate Pot de Tea is the one that I’m trying to replicate. It’s the one I reference as the sample I received. However, I HATE paying shipping so I’ve been trying to find something else, locally, if possible.


Ahhhh. I’ve placed two orders with them so far (despite hating shipping). I just conpensate by buying my faves in the largest quantity possible. I think I have a sample of Pot de Tea somewhere that I should try now that I like chocolate.


Uniquity, you’ll LOVE the Pot de Tea!

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82 tasting notes

I love hot cocoa and I love black tea, so the idea of chocolate tea was amazing to me. I figured I’d grab a sample since I wanted to try a few of Adagio’s other teas.

It smells like really good chocolate. I sort of hovered over my teapot sniffing the air while I waited for it to steep, because yum.

On first sip, I wasn’t really enamored of the taste. The tea was decent, but the chocolate part just tasted like watery chocolate. Also, it was a little bit chalky, like baker’s chocolate. It wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t the rich, chocolatey flavor I was expecting after smelling it. I added a little bit (half a teaspoon, maybe?) of sugar to the second cup, and that brought the chocolate flavor out a bit better and got rid of the chalkiness.

I’m not going to rate this one yet, because I have the feeling it would be amazing with just a tiny dollop of almond milk, and I’m out. But it is pretty good.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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