61 Tasting Notes

drank Valentines by Adagio Teas
61 tasting notes

This tea awesome! Its like a dessert, but totally better. I’ve always been a huge fan of chocolate and any sort of fruit and this taste so spot on I’m definitely drinking it by the potful.
The chocolate is more like a dark chocolate to me than milk, which complements the Ceylon and the strawberry very well. The strawberry notes are well defined and have the authenticity to them that make me glee. I over-brewed it a bit, as the bitterness was a touch out-of-balance, but not unbearable. A slight bitterness I feel would accent the chocolate, but I missed my mark by about 30 seconds.

Another thing that might be related to over brewing is that the mouth-feel was off. I really wanted it to be super moist, not as drying as it was. Another downside is more to due with the name perhaps, but this tea really makes me miss having a girlfriend. Ah well, thats what tea is for.

5 min, 30 sec

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This is my first Darjeeling and I have a class in like 10mins, so this will be short and under-educated.
I most likely over steeped this because the first taste I’m getting is bitterness. Subsequent is the boldness I expect from any black tea with layers of what I’m gonna to say is floral with a bit of spices. I’n also tasting some notes that are like raisins but better. Nice clean astringent finish. I will have to re-steep and report back on that. Till then, I will refrain from rating it.

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I had a decently sized, well thought out comment on this tea. But then I got distracted, ate dinner, did some work, watch a little South Park, and realized I never finished or posted the note. And then we had a system update, so it was lost.
All in all it boiled down to this tea tastes like sesame seeds and it was delicious in that sense. But I’m not a huge fan of sesame, so I won’t drink it often.
Also, the dried leaves smell exactly like soy sauce, and maybe a little bit of peanut butter if you stick your nose in there deep and good. They look super oily too. Very odd.


eek…sorry about losing your post :( Hope the new features are worth it!

Seeing too many posts about this tea…it does seem…odd. Must…try…


Oh, totally worth it! Other than the initial spam on my dashboard, I really like the cupboard idea.
Mostly my fault, I left it up for like about 2+ hrs.


Oh I hate when posts get eaten. Happened to me too the other day, although that was entirely my own fault. I think there is some sort of natural rule somewhere that says that the longer the post is, the more likely it is to disappear mysteriously, because I can’t recall ever having it happen with a new post. I’ve taken to writing my posts in Semagic now, which I also use for my LJ and then copy/pasting the whole thing over when I’m done. Especially if I know I’m going to be rambly.


Between this and the artichoke tea I might be in for a rather bizarre purchase from adagio. After the holidays, perhaps.


@Takgoti, There’s a special on Adagio right now that if you spend $19 you get a sample pack of the savory teas for free. That’s why we’re all trying them out at once. And don’t forget the Sweet Potato Pie tea. ;)


WHAT? DAMN. Must. Not. Spend. MONEY.


Doooo-eeeeet! :P


I love how this is turning into you and me having conversations on everyone’s tasting notes. [I BLAME LIVE FEED.] It’s like we’re leaving little presents for everyone! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Steepsterites! Pls snd tea!


Personally, I prefer to blame boredom. And yeah we’re totally turning this into a free-topic forum. :D

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drank Rooibos Cocomint by Adagio Teas
61 tasting notes

I had this two night ago, and wasn’t really with it at the point to write a decent commentary. Now its not directly in front of me, so I’m working from memory here.

The first impression of the smell is chocolate, infused with mint. A deeper whiff adds a smell of dry earth, very dirt like. In the taste the earthiness of the rooibos became much more prominent and almost interfered with my enjoy of the cocomint. The chocolate wasn’t to over the top sweet, and the mint tasted fresh and real. These two blended very well together, while the roughness of the actual rooibos was a bit out of sync.

I did enjoy it throughly, and will drink deeply but I will have to make sure I’m the proper mood for such a tea.

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My first reaction to smelling this tea was, “oh man, I was looking forward to this, what a disappointment.” I literally gagged a little on the overwhelming fruitiness. Its not even like a sweet fruity, more like semi-fermented fruity. I’m having issues linking this unnatural scent to any sort of edible plant, never mind my beloved artichoke. Eh, I think to myself, I’ve had tea that smell like woodsmoke and taste like carmel and creme, might as well brew it up.

Thank Crickt I did! This is absolute amazing in a cup! The taste of the green tea and whatever they did to make it artichoke flavor meld perfectly into one glorious note. This is the artichoke flavor that permeates the breadcrumbs in stuffed artichokes that makes it not stuffing. But distilled and added to a mellow grassy base that only enhances the taste. Also so natural sweetness from the green really gives it a nice solid finish. My favorite part has to be that first tangy high note that settles down into the whole artichoke taste.

Very, very good. I’m usually not a fan of greens or flavored teas, but I hope this sticks around for a long time so I can re-order it. Not a perfect 100, because I have a hard time declaring things perfect being the good skeptical scientist that I am. But this is damn close.


I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that thinks it’s fruity! I’ve found the artichoke comes out more w/ each additional infusion. I’m making #5 right now.


Really? I tried a second infusion and thought it tasted like water.


You guys are making me crave this tea. I adore artichokes; they’re my favorite vegetable! I really can’t wait to get my hands on a sample of this and the sesame. I’m not too thrilled about cucumber though. Not a fan!


You make this sound so wonderful!


Teaplz, really??? The cucumber is my favorite. I have a huge tin so I didn’t buy it w/ the other 3 tins. Try it iced.

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I got my new teas! And this one for some reason has been nagging me to drink it. I used two balls for a decently sized cup, but decided against using my tea ball so I could watch them unfurl. So cool, but then I realized that this is probably why I over steep everything.
This is the darkest liquor I’ve encounter. When I went to scoop out the leaves, after about an inch I lost sight of my spoon. The leaves are long and very a chocolaty brown. When dried the definite smelt like cocoa.

Funny story, I opened my package at the start of my Entomology class out of pure excitement, and let my friends and professor smell the tins. Everyone immediately jumped to chocolate at this one and was highly confused at the artichoke. I do believe I made a few converts, even if their in it just so I bump their grade up. Thus is the power of being the TA with the grade book.

The tea smells bittersweet and a touch cocoa like, but very clearly black. The taste is strong and bold, but smooth. The feel is more coffee-like to me with that (good)acidic/tangy bite. The complexity is fun to mill over, and I feel predominately its earthy with that strange not-quite-sweetness edging in.

Now that its cooled down, I definitely tasting chocolate notes. That aside, it tastes like most black teas and isn’t quite distinctive for me to re-buy, but I will throughly enjoy my sample size.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

This is one of the teas I ordered with my savory teas, and I can’t wait to try it. Damn you Canadian customs, don’t you know I need my tea?!

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drank PG Tips by PG Tips
61 tasting notes

Once again, the start to my day. More bitter than usual and I’m noticing maybe a bit more malty-ness. This was what I was sipping as my paper was being edited. A 6 pager on tea! I thought it was crap, but apparently my classmates like it. Also, my new teas from Adagio are coming in today! So pumped! Expect a lot from me today.

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If I could marry a tea, it would be this one. My friend ordered some tea, at my incessant nagging, and this was one of her choices. I’ve never been more proud!
She of course got the first steep, but as it was my tea-ball, I kept the leaves. On steep 4, and this is still amazing.
Very light and elegant. The jasmine dominates, as it should, and it taste so fresh and floral and real. The white is playing an divine violin to it with its soft, rounded grassy tones. This is the sort of thing I been looking for since I became interested in tea.
This fair lady has won me over, and I will most certainly court her till I die.


This is just a perfect tea. I have to think that it is the best jasmine out there because it tastes so pure and unaltered. Not for everyday drinking, but one of Adagio’s best efforts.


Ditto to what Lena said. I have some of this coming tomorrow in my Adagio order. Yay!

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drank Aries by Adagio Teas
61 tasting notes

I am Aries hear me roar! I like my Irish breakfast and I like my chai. Not really much to report other than it tastes like a mix of both. Still good and warming.

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drank PG Tips by PG Tips
61 tasting notes

Yummy with milk in a travel mug while taking a Greek exam. Tasted a bit like I had put honey in it, very pleasant. My morning tea, as I am to lazy to deal with loose leaf that early.

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