Re-saved as the link was not working anymore – a re-review will be coming shortly.

4g used.
Note#1: My notes from 25s on will need confirming in a further session, as I’m not convinced the sweetness came from the tea alone.
The dry leaf is loose leaf. I guess a 10g chunk was not possible. This tea is expensive at $12.50/£7.98 for a 10g sample.
The wet leaf: Wow. Lemon on top; concentrated fruit underneath. When I say ‘on top’ I mean the aroma is layered in a way I have not come across before. Very complex. Citrus fruits, plums. I was tentative about brewing this, as it is so expensive. I only ordered 10 grams, hence the small amount of leaf used. I was pleasantly surprised to find 11 grams in my sample; wow, an extra one gram . The aroma shares some notes with the 2008 XIAGUANDREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER”, but this does not have the mushroom direction. As it cools it has strawberries, lemons, light concentrated herbyness and no smoke.
The rinse was a clear, pale orange; at this price, I was tempted to drink this.

5s – Here goes. Liquor is very light yellow and very clear. Amazing. Liquor is thick, syrupy, lemony – very similar to 2013 YUNNAN SOURCING “WU LIANG YE SHENG”. Notes of honey and lemon cough medicine.
10s – Liquor is pale yellow; the same as for a Dayuling high mountain Oolong. Soft, sweet, with a long ‘ringing’ finish.
15s – This tea is subtle. It requires focus and attention. The flavour is light. The empty cup smells of honey and lemon cough medicine.
20s – Subtle. Light fruits, not so strong on the lemon. This tea is one to drink in silence to appreciate.
25s – Spice – where did that come from? Punchy with a sugary sweet after taste that fades away. Interesting: this tea makes the mouth water, the sweetness then increases to a dry sugary sweetness, then it settles down, finally leaving a dry sugary sweetness. This sweetness remained for up to a minute afterwards – a dry sugary sweetness in the mouth and teeth. Intriguing.
30s – Not so subtle now. It has a bold sweetness that leaves a dry sugary sweetness on the swallow. It’s like I’m drinking tea with sugar in.
35s – Liquor is almost clear with faint yellow. Crystal sweetness; chlorine is appearing. This cannot be attributed to tap water, as I used bottle water.

Flavors: Lemon

4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Back into pu-erh and loving it.
First time ordering from Yang Qing Hao and I have had highs and lows. I aim to review at some point.

I drink mainly rooibos and peppermint tea these days as I leave my pu-erh tea to age.

I decided to join Steepster because I have found other people’s opinions on teas very useful in deciding what to buy, and I thought I would contribute.

Online orders so far:
Dragon Tea House – Free shipping and a huge selection of tea.
White2Tea – Excellent communication with the seller and good selection of teas. Teas came in metallic zip lock bags.
Yunnan Sourcing – Huge selection; recent change to delivery price made this a good option.
SampleTea – Selection of aged teas. Teas delivered were very well packaged and presented.
Pu-erh.sk Small selected. Excellent communication with seller. Packing was solid – the teas were more than safe.
Street Shop 88 (eBay) Low prices with free delivery. Sample size was precisely what I ordered.
O-Cha Seller of Japanese teas. The daily Sencha and Shincha were awesome.
Essence Of Tea – The order arrived after over 5 weeks, but I am really impressed with the teas so far.
Chawangshop – Order came very well packaged.


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