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drank Jasmine Pearl by Samovar
76 tasting notes

This is my ‘special’ tea. I drink it when I really want to relax and indulge in my passion for tea. A delicate jasmine, the perfect complement to the smooth taste of the tea leaves.

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drank Rooibos Tropica by Teavana
76 tasting notes

Moving into iced teas now that spring has finally arrived…still favor hot tea in the morning and on rainy days, which we’ve had plenty of. This is my go-to iced tea, delicately floral, no caffeine. I drank the entire pitcher yesterday and had to make more this morning :)

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Picked this up at a B&N bookstore the other day. A nice tea! smooth pomegranate flavor, not harsh or overpowering.

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Chose this a while back while ordering online – to get to the $50 free shipping mark – and quite liked it. It’s a strong jasmine black, but I quite like jasmine teas so I don’t mind. I love the aroma and the flavor, though I steep for just 2 minutes or it’s too strong for me. Really, a good floral black, one of the cheaper Teavana teas and well worth the price. Caution: if you buy it in the Teavana store, don’t let them talk you into buying a whole pound!

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One of my favorite teas, though I often use a little extra to get a good flavor. It is a light tasting tea, and very subtle. Great for a relaxed Sunday morning.

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drank Six Summits by Teavana
76 tasting notes

Drinking the new formulation of Six Summits from Teavana…and don’t like it. If I wanted to drink essence of dried fruit, I’d stop by the grocery store. I think Teavana is focused too much now on selling tea to non-tea drinkers; thus, they’ve reformulated many of their teas to have a heavy fruit component. I feel like I bought two ounces of dried fruit with only a little tea mixed in. Not at all what I want.

Ian Krouth

If it makes you feel any better, they’re bringing back the old recipe in October.

Tamara Fox

Ah, good to know…maybe I’ll give them one more chance.

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Snowy week followed by a snowy weekend. I’m staying inside, and I’m sipping this tea with relish. It’s a nice smooth tea with a good flavor – neutral when compared to some of my flavored teas. It pairs nicely with just about any food. A classic!

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Just got this one yesterday…It’s growing on me, though I’m still working on the optimum brewing time. The taste is good, slightly vegetal and nutty. A good all-around green tea.

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Ordered this a while back when it was a Steepster Select item, and it’s almost gone :( Must buy more, soon. The aroma, the refreshing taste, the lovely color, and the way the leaves unfurl to full size…all make this tea a winner.

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drank Acte II by THEODOR
76 tasting notes

I’ve restocked my Acte II and have been sipping it slowly over the last month or so, since I have to order from Canada and pay international shipping. It is worth it! I love this tea. It’s fruity and floral, and I learned recently that the secret ingredient just might be caramel. Mmmmmm


I agree these teas are well-worth the price for all that they’re expensive (even for local Canadians like me).

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I’m a book-lover and fiction writer and, I must confess, a tea addict :)


Denver, Colorado

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