drank afternoon by Tregothnan
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Brewed in a 1 liter polish pottery tea pot. Used one tea bag, just as I did with the Earl Grey, but the soup was so pale, I wonder if I should use more? Using the same standards that produced success when brewing the Earl Grey and the Classic, this time I ended up with a pale cup. On the one hand, that may be the point of “afternoon” tea, but when I compare it to my personal favorite brand, Ahmad, I can only say that this tastes exactly like hot amber water. No flavor. So either I need to add more tea, or I need to stick with my Ahmad. Tregothnan Afternoon tea does not impress—just as well, since it’s not easy to obtain. I bought it on a lark, because of it’s provenance, and I really didn’t have high expectation for flavor anyway. Tourist tea. That’s all it is.

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I take my tea plain, no sugar, no milk. I don’t think I should have to wheedle nudge or cadjole the flavor to reconcile it to the name on the label. If it’s good, it should stand up by itself.

Excellent Video on how to prepare matcha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NRB93In-rE

Favourites—Chinese tea. European blends. Black, puerh, oolong, spiced and Guayusa. Kusmi, Butiki
Meh to Ick—White tea, Indian tea then green is pretty far down on my list.
Dislikes—Rooibos. Matcha. Anything with hibiscus. Lipton. Celestial Seasonings. Bigelow. Red Rose. Red Leaf Tea.

I just love my camelia. Even if I hate a certain kind of tea, I still find it’s provenance interesting. The cultural aspects are every bit as fascinating as the flavor aspects, or maybe more so. Empires have been built and bankrupted over the humble tea leaf.

Becomming cynical about tea companies that are too hyped. Certain tea companies that use candy in their blend, certain tea companies that give away free tea for reviews posted all over the internet with links back to their store. Once someone has posted that kind of review, I tend to discredit their objectivity. I’m no longer interested in reading their reviews. sorry.

FYI—female—married— to a coffee drinker (but he is willing to try my exotic teas, bless him)


oregon, but forget what you’re thinking, this is the dry side

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