TRIUMPHANT AT LAST! I’ve got my mitts on some Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend. I’ve been on a quest for this tea for a few months now, and finally resorted to paying a hefty randsom on Ebay for it. But it’s fresh, and it’s mine and that’s a bit of ‘jubilee’ for me!

Next order of business, the tea cup I select to taste it in is also important, for savoring my victory, so … (choose carefully)…. and the nominees are— ‘Red Tower’ by Copeland Spode, and ‘Silver Birch’ by Royal Albert…. and the Royal Blend goes to — the Royal Albert! Splendid! Congratulations, you fine china teacup. I shall enjoy you as well.

Now for the tea. I managed to obtain a 50 gram cardboard box which — pleased to discover — contains 25 individually sealed packets. Good, that’ll last longer, and portable too, if I should wish to gloat about my conquest in some public place. {BONUS!}

One tea bag makes a 1 liter pot, as any good british tea will. None of this single bag=single cup american marketing cozenage. This box of 25 tea bags is looking like a much better return on the investment {another BONUS!}

At this point, it hardly matters what it tastes like, it would have to resemble raw sewage to ruin my day now. Which, fortunately, it is no such thing. It’s … typically british, non-offensive… warm…. comforting… taking it straight up without milk or sugar. The milk and the sugar are wating in the wings to further draw out my victory celebration, but right now, it’s straight tea all the way. ahhhh….. sigh. Victory tastes sweet.

And the tea is good too.

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I take my tea plain, no sugar, no milk. I don’t think I should have to wheedle nudge or cadjole the flavor to reconcile it to the name on the label. If it’s good, it should stand up by itself.

Excellent Video on how to prepare matcha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NRB93In-rE

Favourites—Chinese tea. European blends. Black, puerh, oolong, spiced and Guayusa. Kusmi, Butiki
Meh to Ick—White tea, Indian tea then green is pretty far down on my list.
Dislikes—Rooibos. Matcha. Anything with hibiscus. Lipton. Celestial Seasonings. Bigelow. Red Rose. Red Leaf Tea.

I just love my camelia. Even if I hate a certain kind of tea, I still find it’s provenance interesting. The cultural aspects are every bit as fascinating as the flavor aspects, or maybe more so. Empires have been built and bankrupted over the humble tea leaf.

Becomming cynical about tea companies that are too hyped. Certain tea companies that use candy in their blend, certain tea companies that give away free tea for reviews posted all over the internet with links back to their store. Once someone has posted that kind of review, I tend to discredit their objectivity. I’m no longer interested in reading their reviews. sorry.

FYI—female—married— to a coffee drinker (but he is willing to try my exotic teas, bless him)


oregon, but forget what you’re thinking, this is the dry side

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