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I typically enjoy Rooibos tea well enough as I can’t handle caffeine after 2-3 pm and need decaf/low caf teas. I found this steeped nicely with the type bags Harney and sons uses. But for me it was overpowering in flavor. I’m sure some will love it.

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I know that the other reviewer said it’s just like any other chai, and maybe it is. Maybe she has drunk more chai than I.

For me, this was near the top of my list of chai’s I’ve had. Perhaps because it was a gift from a friend who went to the Dickens Faire in San Francisco, I took more care to take brewing notes and get a cuppa just right for my tastes. I’d say the only other chai I have had that I liked this well was from the now Defunct Teavana (a store I really disliked on several levels) who’s name I don’t recall.

I take my tea without sugar and because I’m on keto I use Nutpods Coconut/Almond milk creamer-plain, I may have a narrower number of strong teas which I enjoy without sugar. In the old days I put one or two cubes of sugar and half and half in such chai’s.

This tea is no longer available and I’ve not found an email to contact the website or I’d ask if they plan to bring back.

Flavors: Allspice, Peppercorn, Vanilla

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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My Norsk father drank black coffee and tea faithfully, religiously, as was the way of his people. He didn’t branch out at all. Because of him they risked my “stunted growth” as was thought in those days, and let me drink tea from early childhood.
With age I am trying to branch out.

Now living the Keto lifestyle I’m trying to enjoy more diverse teas, especially those I can enjoy with no sugar (I used to be a one-cube gal) and little if any milk. (I adore Nutpods, plain variety, unsweetened creamer made from coconut and almond milks, it works without dominating tea) I have a long term love affair with Kusmi, which folk seem to either love or hate. Russian Morning No.24 is my favorite tea, period. I am also apparently one of those odd birds who love Lapsang Souchong. Why do I get the sense very few like such?

My personal theory about Lapsang Souchong is that I grew up with a father who was a serious pipe smoker. I also spent summers around a camp fire. For me the flavor is evocative, especially of the later. Could this be it?

I’m rather A.D.H.D about my tea loves. I love variety and I have favorites that I’ll drink until I am on the verge of dislike, and then that one will be set aside for another season. My life has felt a lot harder for a lot of reasons since our move from San Francisco and I rather hang onto my tea ritual for dear life. It truly is a restorative.

I have DSPS which is a circadian rhythm disturbance and so I have to be rigorous about not having caffeine after 2-3 pm (sleep hygiene, aargh!) As such I’m always on a search for a pleasant enough herbal-decaf.

This past year I’ve become much more disciplined about not giving up on a tea after the first or second taste, and by making notes in my planner, I’ve been pleased to find that typically within 3 days max, I can find a said tea brewed just right for me.


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