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So glad to have this back in my cupboard. It makes crappy mornings a little more bearable. It’s what I reach for after a draining day. Pure, sweet comfort. Hello again, friend!

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Della Terra Dubbele Chocolade + Caramel Creme

Sipdown on the Dubbele Chocolade! And not quite enough left for a mug. So I tossed in some Caramel Creme and was blown away by the deliciousness. These two seem meant for eachother, soo much more tasty when paired (which is saying something, cause I loved them both individually). The result is sweet-but-not-too-sweet dark chocolate and burnt sugar with an ever so slightly creamy quality that rounds it out keeps the darker flavours from being too much.

Second tea of this lazy morning for me. Enjoying being curled up on the couch by the window with hot tea and a hefty book & happy to have some quiet time all to myself while my love sleeps in.


sounds delicious!

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This is a nice coconut tea. I don’t taste much cream, or any pie crust notes, but as a coconut tea it holds up pretty well.

I think I’ve realized I like tropical coconut notes (like in Buttered Rum, for example) better than bakey coconut, as in this tea. This one tastes like toasted coconut flakes and reminds me of a toasted coconut covered donut.

Most days I find it to be really tasty, but on others I can find it really overwhelming and it makes me feel a bit nauseous. This morning I made a perfect cup though and it’s suiting me just fine. 4 min steep seems to be just the way I like it.

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This was another late night new years brew. Strangely enough, this time as soon as the water hit the leaf a strong, juicy orange was the only note I could smell. How strange! The last time I had it I remember it being distinctly pineapple, but orange is the only association I’m getting today.

Yep, the flavour is orangey-citrus for me too. If I try really hard I can convince myself it’s maybe pineapple. My tastebuds must be off, this isn’t how I remember it at all! Not bad, but definitely different.

I had the second steep this morning when I finally rolled out of bed, and it held up nicely. Doesn’t resteep as well as the Canteloupe & Cream, but definitely worth having at least 2 infusions.


oh, I just had a big pot of this one yesterday, and it rendered 3 steeps of very tasteful pineapple! Maybe yours got contaminated with some other tea?

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Mm this is quickly becoming a favourite. So smooth and refreshing yet creamy too. I had a cup of this earlier this afternoon, and really enjoyed the first steep. Lots of juicy melon flavour that really highlights and compliments the white tea. Lovely clean finish.

I left the leaves in my infuser and a little after midnight I was feeling a bit tipsy and plenty sleepy, so I brewed up a second steep. I was surprised how much flavour is retained in the resteep – I haven’t had much luck resteeping flavoured teas in the past. Anyway I’m not sure if it was the hydration or the caffeine but my cup of tea did wonders in waking/sobering me up :D

This will definitely be a reorder for me, I’ve never had anything quite like it.


I’ve gotten 5 tasty infusions out of this one before! The creaminess just lasts and lasts…


Sooooo good….


Good to know! Never throwing the leaves out after one steep from now on. Too good to waste!


I so agree, this tea is heaven in a cup!

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Had some of this one for the first time after the big dinner. It was nice and soothing on a full belly and went down nicely with no additions. The scent is of bright, intense lemon with a hint of spice from the cardamom. I was kind of surprised this made it into the 12 teas box; it looked a little ho-hum next to some of the other blends Frank is famous for.

I was wrong, though! This is pretty nice, and definitely holds its own. All of the flavours come together nicely and it made a nice after dinner tea. Not a favourite but still quite good.

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drank White Christmas by 52teas
137 tasting notes

Ooh lovely lovely! I knew this would be amazing as soon as I smelled it. Soft mint! Creamy sweet marshmallow! Black tea! I’m not big on minty teas but I like it when it’s subtle and done well. That’s the case for me in this one. It really is a perfect Christmas morning tea. I have loved all of Franks blends with marshmallow so far. Keep them coming, please! Adds such a yummy sweet creamy feel.

The taste of this blend reminds me of those peppermint drops that are made of white chocolate and come in pastel colours. Do those have a name? Hmm. Well this is like those candies in black tea form, and I am really enjoying this. Think I might grab a pouch when it comes available.

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My girl got me a big ol’ 100g tin of this in my stocking. She knows me well, it’s my favourite from David’sTea and I had just run out of it a couple weeks ago. My tin is absolutely filled to the brim with goodness :D

This was my Christmas eve tea (we couldn’t wait and exchanged stockings early) and it was so nice and creamy and full of flavour. A bit better than the last batch I had.

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Lime jello salad tea? How fun! I love the flavours involved here too. Lime and pineapple and marshmallow sounds good to me.

The scent when I opened the package was intoxicating – really strong and sweet and bright. Couldn’t wait to try it. I’m guessing this would shine as an iced tea, but I felt like a hot tea and it was still quite good. The sweet candy-like lime jello flavour was spot on, with a nice pineapple in the background an a faint creaminess from the marshmallow. I steeped for 2.5 mins, but I’m thinking it could probably handle 3. The rest of my sample will be flash-chilled so I get to try it iced. I’d happily drink this one again!

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Oh dear, I’ve gotten behind in my 12 teas of Christmas notes once again. How did that happen? Oh well, it’s too far gone now. I’ll just review them as I please :D

I’ve been really enjoying trying a new tea every day though. I’ll be a loyal 12 teas of Christmas enthusiast as long as Frank keeps making them every year! I love a new tradition. Although after seeing everyone’s notes about the 12 days swap, I’m a little sad I didn’t participate. Looks like tons of fun!

This tea smells like delicious malty chocolate cake batter. I like that the tea smell isn’t overpowered by the chocolate, even in the dry leaf.

I tried it with no additions after about a 4 min steep and it was quite bitter. Added a bit of sugar, but still bitter. Time for some milk, and with both the milk and sugar it’s quite nice. Most of the bitterness has been covered up and the tasty dark chocolate and bold black tea notes come out. I enjoyed my cup, but I don’t think I could drink this often. It’s really heavy, without anything to brighten it up. But overall it’s a decent, chocolatey tea.


Haven’t tried a lot of my 52 teas yet, even though I’ve opened them all – LOL.

And the 12 day swap was lots of fun, but it can be a little stressful at time trying to coordinate sending out 12 packages. When I had purchased my tea, I found out one of the participants was allergic to tea, so I had to get them a whole new tea. LOL.


52 teas…try a 2.5 min steep time.


Yeah, I can see how it would be stressful trying to put together and ship 12 packages, I’d probably be pulling my hair out by the end of that! But most definitely sounds like a fun way to bond with other tea-folk :D

And Sil..I’ve tried a 2.5 steep with 52teas but I find it a little weak/watery. I love my black tea strong and bold and I find the flavours just don’t come out enough at 2.5. I’m going to try that for the last of my sample of this one though, cause 4 min was bitttter


it sometimes ends up being weak vs being bitter/stringent. heh


Oh it was definitely a fun experience. Everyone put together such awesome packages. I was really impressed.

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Queer femme looking for love in the form of tea. Currently on a (seemingly never-ending) quest to convince my girlfriend of the magic of loose leaf.

Let’s see..I’m a 23 year old seemingly perma-student, having finished at university and moved on to college. I love reading. I love tea. I love reading while drinking tea. It really doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

Black tea is my all time favourite, preferably hot with milk and sugar. I like flavoured blacks the best, and my taste is embarrassingly unrefined. If it has some outlandish candy or dessert or fruity sounding name, I’m all over it. Especially things like coconut, caramel, chocolate (the usual suspects), bubblegum, cotton candy, and the list goes on. If it’s supposed to taste like something it’s not, odds are I’m going to love it. I also love a good earl grey, floral teas, and anything with currants. Love me some currants!

When it comes to iced teas I love fruity herbal blends and matés, for the most part. They are my hydration option of choice in the summer and I always have at least a glass ready for me in the fridge, if not a pitcher.

I am a self-proclaimed David’sTea fangirl, so please excuse the fact that most of my logs tend to be a little biased in their favour. I just can’t help myself, I must try all-the-tea from David’s!

I’m starting to get interested in matcha, and though I’ve loved the cups I’ve had prepared for me by others, I’ve never tried making it myself. I’m going to have to break down and order some soon, if only just to try.

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