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This tea scared me a bit due to it being a blend of green and black teas, but the leaves looked pretty and smelled lovely as well, thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sharing this one with me! The color of the tea after being steeped is a nice amber/honey color…a medium brown color; it tasted like a green tea with a dash of Ceylon in there to give it a slight boldness. There was a nice mildly sweet taste to it from the floral notes and to me it seemed like there was a bit of a candied cherry taste in there as well. This is pretty good and a nice change of pace for me.

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Yum! I have been wanting to try these for a while now and thanks to teaequalsbliss I finally got to try some! Thank you! I used 1tsp per 8oz of steaming water and steeped for about 3mins. This brewed and mellow greenish/yellow tea and tasted beautiful! A light silky, vegetal taste that tasted very pure and clean. This is some very high quality white tea, the pearls almost look like little fuzz balls due to all of the white hairs on the leaves that are nicely rolled. I’m going to have to definitely buy a tin of these!

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I tried this tea last night, I have been wanting to try this for a while now and thanks to TeaEqualsBliss I was able to :-D The tea smells pretty sweet, almost like a snickerdoodle cookie! While steeping I noticed that the tea was fairly dark for a white tea, which I thought was a bit odd, but figured it may have been from the spices. Now, when I took my first sip this Immediately reminds me of a sweet, powdered chai mix that you would make at home like a pack of hot chocolate…except it was missing that oomph or perhaps depth, maybe even boldness? After all this is a white tea instead of a black tea so what could I expect? All in all I believe this was a pretty good tea, but not my cup of tea since it reminds me too much of a chai and for me I need a black tea to enjoy a chai…but, putting my biases aside and rating this solely on what this tea brings to the table I would say it is a decent tea and will rate it accordingly.

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drank Jasmine Pearls by Canton Tea Co
132 tasting notes

I received this lovely tea from TeaEqualsBliss; I was really excited to try it since I am a jasmine pearl lover. I used 1 tsp of pearls per 8oz of water and steeped for about 3mins and then let cool for about 15mins before I enjoyed my cup. The jasmine flavoring was authentic tasting and sweet, the silver needles made for a very clean, yet very slightly grassy tasting tea. Very well done and I can’t wait to try a second cup blended with a peach white tea, I have a feeling that with be DELISH with these pearls!

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drank Lychee by Art of Tea
132 tasting notes

This was my first time having lychee anything and that fruit is sweet aparently! This was good, very smooth and the lychee is very prominent. Pretty good, but too sweet of a fruit for me! If you are a lychee lover or like naturally sweet tasting teas this would be a safe bet for you!

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I love that some proceeds from this tea goes to a person in need, that is awesome! Now, this tea looks pretty good for a bagged tea…it’s full loose leaf tea and not chopped up tiny pieces of “tea”. Now, I did not realize that this had licorice root in it or I would have skipped out on this one and tried a different one. BUT since I didn’t realize that until much later, oh well. You can taste the green tea, a nicely vegetal – sweet grass taste with a touch of citrus. Now, the licorice root comes into play in the aftertaste…maybe even a bit before, it hits the back of my tongue and makes itself known! To me the mixture of the citrus and the licorice root melds together and reminds me of lemongrass, not bad if you like lemongrass, but unless I am eating a Thai dish of some sort I don’t care for a lemongrass taste in my drink. But other than that this is pretty good, just don’t be fooled thinking this is going to be a peachy tasting green tea :-)

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I’m baaaacccckkk! Due to switching internet providers I had about a week without service (can we say, going insane)?! Anyways, I am backlogging from teas that I have had over that time. I decided to try this sample since my previous Orchid Tea that I sampled from a tea bar tasted watered down. This one was ok, definitely not watered down tasting…pretty smooth, but nothing special. I expected a more floral note to it, but it was very mild…so mild that I kind of had to concentrate a bit too be able to pick up on it. All in all it was a decent tea, but it seemed to be lacking something.


Welcome back! :)


YAY!!! Welcome back! You have been missed!

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Thank you Rabs for this lovely sample! This is a really good oolong, it’s vegetal and sweet, very light floral taste to it as well and maybe a very slight buttery hint in there somewhere. Very clean and pure tasting and not bitter at all, very well done!


So glad that you liked it! I’ve discovered that it’s a bit nerve-wracking to send out samples of teas that I adore since I’m hoping that the receiver enjoys it too. There’s that fear that someone will think my favorite’s a 1. Silly, but true ;)

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Licorice…hmmmm not my favorite by any means, but I figured I would give it a try. When I smelled this tea it reminded me of medicine of some sort, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I took my first sip and it was smooth and sweet and licorice! lol, but after a couple of more sips I realized what this reminded me of….a cough drop! Like a Ricola cough drop to be exact. Hmmm so if you would like to drink that this would probably be one awesome tea for you, but for me this just reminds me of Ricola cough drops and I feel like I should be really sick to be drinking this.

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drank Orchid Oolong by Art of Tea
132 tasting notes

Ok, I had this at a tea bar yesterday and I think they may have made this wrong…it was very light in color, as if it was a white tea I was drinking and the flavor was very watered down. I could barely taste any oolong at all and no floral notes, just a vague sweet note. So I have come to the conclusion that they used too much water or not enough tea, either way I am pretty sure this was watered down and not how this should taste, so I wont rate it until I try it again.

Kaitlin S

Oh, bummer! You would think at a tea bar they would know how to prepare each tea correctly. Maybe it was just a fluke?

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I am a tea enthusiast who is always looking to try a new tea, but my all time favorite is jasmine pearls…or anything with jasmine in it really. I also am a sushi fanatic and simply can’t live without it. Outside of my fanatasy world of all things tea and sushi I am an executive assistant, mother of 2 and personal taxi/maid and chef service for my little family.

But back to the tea!

I love Jasmine Pearls, just about any White Tea and then we have Pu-erh coming in last as my top three.

However, I still enjoy a good Earl Grey tea, the more bergamot the better! I have a fond place in my heart for Matcha, especially iced Matcha Lattes. Flavored green teas are always fun, but I tend to stay away from the overly grassy tasting ones… they always remind me of a wheatgrass shot!

It takes a special black tea to really win me over, for me I find that they all taste too much alike or tend to be too bitter at times; I think I am more so bored with them.

Oolongs are fairly new to me and I am finding that these are really good and they will probably end up making it as one of my top contenders!

Pu-erh I have yet to try; I am very curious, but a bit scared to try it… something about being aged in a cave just frightens me a bit, but I would like to try one in the very near future :-) Update – I have tried a few pu-erhs and I can’t get enough of them! While they are definitely an acquired taste they are lovely! This has now taken over rooibos in my top 3 teas of choice!



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