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Well, a second brew of this, and the flavor has significantly decreased. I prefer the Monkey Picked, or the Anji Bai Cha. This feels weak and possibly stale.

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Soft asparagus start, mild astringency that offers classic chinese green chestnut taste. Not really complex, but I’ve never had this tea before so I don’t really know what to look for!

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drank Keemun by teasenz
149 tasting notes

I’m torn on this review! I like this tea, but it isn’t really a good representation of a Keemun, infact it tastes more like a Yunnan black tea than a Keemun.

A nice lovely chocolate taste, but it got that yunnan element to it. So do I rank this tea high because I like its taste? Or lower because it doesn’t represent Keemun in my opinion.

Gonna go with the rank high. :) taste is all that matters!

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This is a pleasant tea, not as good as their Anji Bai Cha. A lovely aroma when I opened the bag, very heavily perfumed, that didn’t really transfer over to the brewing.

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A longjing that tastes more like it was grown outside the region and made into the "dragonwell’ style. There is that lovely chestnut element to Chinese green teas, but also a bitter and stale edge. Maybe this is from the previous year?

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drank Anji Bai Cha by teasenz
149 tasting notes

A lovely crisp green tea. Delicately picked and delicious to drink. Delicious buttered asparagus taste.

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I got some more of this tea from a friend, and was a little hesitant from my last experience…but wow! I’m convinced that the last batch I got must have been stale (even though I got it as a sample from an order direct with Camellia Sinensis).

These leaves are nice and long, beautifully dark green and a good shine. Lovely smell of seaweed and ocean salt. Taste is nice and smooth and sweet.

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I love my Ceylon, but this one was a bit of a disappointment. Didn’t have anywhere near the complexity that the Amba did. That being said it smelled delicious when it was being brewed, roasted chocolate, pecans, and a nice malty orange aroma. Just not much of that transferred to my taste buds.

Hoping that I just brewed it wrong, and will try again…but definitely no where near as good as the Amba.

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blah blah blah, come on people, not every tea can be ranked 80+. Rant, rave; but honestly not every tea you drink can be ranked the same, otherwise you defeat the point of giving the grade!

So as other people have broken down their ranking systems, I am doing the same.

I’ve also decided to update my reviewing system. I’m going to be ranking across a 3 system scale on: taste, accurate representation, and price.

Taste = 0-100 (see old ranking)
Accurate Representation = 75 being average (how true it is to its style of production. So a Darjeeling that tastes like an Assam would rank lower)
Price = Percent difference of what I think the tea is worth


Old Ranking
90-100 = I’m quite happy to buy again
70-89 = Acceptable representation
50-69 = Wouldn’t order again
20-49 = Meh
10-19 = Average tea bag ranking
0-9 = Needed to brush my teeth immediately



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