26 Tasting Notes

drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

When I tried this as the tea of the day, I fell in love. It was everything that I wanted Vanilla Oolong to be. Excited I bought myself a 100g tin, but somehow between the store and home, it lost its magic! I found the vanilla taste to be much more artificial than Vanilla Oolong (one of my favourites), and when oversteeped, it creates a bitter, almost tar-like aftertaste.

Overall, still a nice every day tea, but considering that there are cheaper every day teas, I likely won’t be refilling this one.

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drank Happy Kombucha by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Ah, finally! A tea of the month I care for.
And an oolong. I love me some oolong.

Happy Kombucha is very similar to Green and Fruity and Green Seduction but with a punch of oolong. The tea is extremely fruity, but manages to maintain a “tea” flavor to it. The smell is amazing and really does make you happy after a sniff or two.

It tastes really good unsweetened, but I imagine it will taste very good iced and sweetened as well. I think I might go out and buy some more this weekend!
As a fruity oolong, the Kombucha is less artificial tasting than Forbidden Fruit and Long Life Oolong. But definitely, if you like the latter two oolongs, I see no reason why you would not like the Happy Kombucha as it is the superior counterpart in my mind.


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I really like this one.

It’s the perfect balance of tea, floral and fruitiness all in one.
Such an exotic taste without being overly sweet like the fruity teas.

It tastes delicious on its own—in fact, I prefer it plain the best, but it also makes an OK latte (I try to make lattes out of everything).

One of my favourites. I need to keep this in stock at all tim es.

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drank Dulce & Banana by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

I must say, these types of dessert teas have really started to grow on me.

I’m not a huge banana fan so I was a little apprehensive about trying this. I tried it without milk the first time. Not bad, but the chamomile is a bit too strong for my tastes but I still liked it.

I then tried it with sweetener. Pleasant surprise. Really brings out the banana.

Then I tried adding milk AND sweetener. I liked this combo the best. I really tasted like I was eating some sort of banana dessert without tasting artificial.

The caramel taste brings out some nice creamy notes. The banana complements the chamomile really well.

I am pretty much out of this one and I definitely plan on getting more. It’s similar to creme brulee and creme caramel, but with that interesting banana spin to it. I like.

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Finally got my grubby paws on some of this.
I had to order it online cause apparently it’s sold out in stores.
I ordered 100g because I figure if I end up liking it, I might not be able to buy more so I thought that’d be a good decision.

Anyway. I’ve steeped several mugs now and each time I’ve been quite underwhelmed. Maybe I don’t know how long to steep it for. Maybe I don’t put enough sweetener. I don’t know what it is. It’s good but not awesome. I have plenty of other rooiboses I prefer to this.

Lemony but has an interesting candy taste. It’s a bit weak. I suspect I’m not putting in enough tea leaves.

A lemony treat with a very faint flavor. Doesn’t keep me longing for more, but I’m not devastated that I have so much of it left either.

Just OK.

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I felt the same about this one. I got a sample in an order, actually, and saved it for a long time as it looked and smelled so mindlblowing I was sure I was going to love it. It was good, but very underwhelming.


I’m glad I’m not the only one with these sentiments. I plan to try it with milk. Sounds bizarre, but who knows…it might just work!

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I tried this strictly because I have never tried a smokey tea and because the name was so bizarre. I didn’t know how to pronounce it, so I figured it was exotic enough to be a refreshing change.

I had some today. I didn’t hate it. But I definitely didn’t like it.

It tastes like a barbecue in a cup to me. I felt like it should be savoury, but it wasn’t. And teas shouldn’t be savoury cause that thought makes me uncomfortable.

Anyway. Reminds me of a Pu Erh brewed inside a barbecue and with an addition of hickory for good measure. That’s the best description I could come up with.

My first and last try of this tea.

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This tea is what got me fully hooked onto DavidsTea.
It’s amazing! It makes me feel so posh when I drink it. Like I’m Asian royalty or something.

The fragrance. I don’t know where to begin. It’s like drinking perfume, except the perfume is neither too weak or too potent. It does NOT give you a queasy feeling upon drinking or smelling.

It has a beautiful Jasmine taste and smell that is unparalleled by any other jasmine teas I’ve tasted in my lifetime. It brews to the perfection of a golden color. It is good for several steeps, and each time, the aroma manages to STILL linger in your mouth after a sip.

Amazing. So good. So expensive. So worth it.

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drank Crème Brulée by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

I’m always hesitant to try teas which are supposed to be something else because I notice that I get sucked in easily, yet the tea almost always disappoints.

I took my chances with the Creme Brulee because I liked the Creme Caramel (I bought them at the same time).

I like the Creme Brulee, but it tastes to me more like custard pudding, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s different. Tastes very nice with or without milk, but as usual, I prefer the former.

I like Creme Caramel better as the tea itself has more body and more distinction.

Good, but farcry from being my favourite.
If you like dessert teas, this would be a great addition to your collection.

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drank Pink Flamingo by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

I really shouldn’t be buying teas based on my need for adventure. Truly.

I bought this cause I was like, “hey, smells like a partay.”
Well, it was not a party in my mouth. Not in the least.

It’s very tropical, but somehow, when steeped, it’s an overwhelming jumble of flavors. I don’t like watching my teas or timing them, so I often oversteep, which is a fault of my own, but I figure, a good tea can stand the test of time, literally. Well, I forgot I was making this, so I took out the tea leaves a bit on the late side. So not only did I have this neon pink drink, it was probably steeped far past its peak, so do take my review with a grain of salt.

The tea ended up being a bit sour, which I suspect is the result of my oversteepage, but I stand by the comment about too many tastes trying to compete for each other.

Would probably do OK iced, but since I’m too lazy for iced, this one is not for me. I will not be buying more. So glad I stuck with the 10g quality.

The spring collection just isn’t doing it for me…

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I read the description of this and thought “hmm…” and then I went to the store to smell it and went “huh.” After all the humming and haahing, I decided to try it.

It smells very different from how it tastes. I actually love the taste of it. It has a slight bitterness to it, but somehow, it works! The tea is a bit herbally, like a tisane. It does taste “healthy”, but I feel like this is the healthy tea that’s everything The Skinny should have been. And I also feel like you either like one or the other (between this and The Skinny).

Let’s just say, I didn’t like the Skinny, so I found this to be delightful.

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