Do you ever find that your senses fight to be right, and you can be led astray by listening to the wrong one? I remember years ago having a dessert that included an orange coloured mousse – we were trying to figure out what was odd about it. It was orange – it should have been orange or peach, right? We couldn’t place it and we were confused. Then my sister said “It’s cantelope!”, and all was right with the world. We were using our eyes, and totally disregarding our tastebuds.
If found the same thing with this tea. I read the description, and throught “Baklava!”. But it isn’t baklava. Then I smelled it and thought “Old Lady Soap and Powder!”, but that isn’t it either (thankfully!). You know when you are trying to remember something all day, and you just can’t get it, then at 2 a.m. you bolt upright and almost shout aloud “Mickey Mantle” (or whatever it is) – you’ve remembered, but usually at this point I forget why I the information is needed. Midway through my cup of this, I had to all of a sudden text my husband “What is the name of that dessert your grandmother makes with Turkish Delight in it? Some sort of cookie…” Turkish delight – THAT is what this tea tastes like.
Not sure that it is a must have, but (now that I have placed the taste!), it is very good.

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I am new to tea (this is Jan 2012). Well, not new to tea – I’ve always drank tea. My earliest memories of going to church is being “grown up” and getting myself tea, and then proceeding to put so much sugar in it that it wouldn’t even all melt.
I have never been a coffee drinker. I can’t stand the taste, though I love the smell. I feel so left out of life by not drinking coffee. I realize that “meet for coffee” does not have to be taken literally, but I do not understand the lingo I hear – grandes, talls, frappaccinos, lattes…complete foreign language. You get the strangest looks from people who find out you don’t know how to make coffee. I think people think I say that just to get out of kitchen duties, but other than instant, I do NOT know how to make coffee.
I just stumbled into David’s Teas last month, and have fallen in love with the fact that there is something, somewhere, for us non coffee drinkers.
I am learning that there is a whole big tea world out there, and I am eager to explore.

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