The past 6 months have been quite infuriating. I am someone who needs sleep, not unlike many others I presume, yet in recent times this blessed sanctuary of cognitive rest has alluded me. I moved sluggishly throughout the day, objects in front of me disguised by the fog of fatigue. Days blended together and nights were dreaded. This lack of sleep forced me to contemplate all my past mistakes, embarrassments, and traumas during the same hours drunkards dragged their feet to their wives and vampires hunted for their prey. I was sick of it. I tried every remedy there was. From rigorous nighttime exercise to jacking off before bed. All in vain. I came across this tea and had no hopes. It’s easier that way, the lower your hopes the lighter the fall. I sat in the same couch, in the same room, with the same book in my lap. Slowly I sipped. Suddenly, a warmth spread about me. Not the typical sense of the word, a different kind of warmth. A warmth not of the body but of the soul. I lay in bed that night. My eyelids slowly being pulled down as if the angel of the Death herself had her fingers on them, gently encouraging my sleep. I lay in bed for what felt like eternity eager to open my eyes and see the light of a new day. Instead what I awoke to was my bedside clock. It was 10:02 pm. I had my eyes closed for a minute. This tea is bullshit I still couldn’t sleep. I ended up just buying melatonin. 5mg does the trick. 4/10

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