75 Tasting Notes

drank Momoko by Lupicia
75 tasting notes

Ahhh, Lupicia. You always know how to put summer in my mouth. :) The peach and vanilla flavours in this light, fruity tea are smooth and tasty. I didn’t even have to sweeten it!

My dear Momoko, I’m sorry I almost boiled your water and steeped you for longer than recommended, but you still made me quite happy. You are a very good tea, and I intend to have you in my cupboard soon. :)

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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My summer addiction. Some have their weekends on the Cape; others have their parade of trashy novels. I have Tazo Chai Tea Latte. I take mine with an extra pump of chai, 2% milk, and just a bit of ice. My venti Chai makes me very, very happy, and I have been drinking one at least four times a week all summer. Thankfully, I received a Starbucks gift card for my birthday, so my addiction hasn’t broken the bank.

I have been logging only NEW teas that I drink. I recently read a couple notes from people who simply log EVERY tea they drink. I wonder whether that’s the way to go, since I haven’t been drinking new-to-me teas all summer….

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drank Cinnamon by Lupicia
75 tasting notes

This tea is aromatic and tasty with a subtle bite from the cinnamon, which doesn’t overpower the tea. I’ve had this tea both with and without milk, and I love it either way. The cinnamon is such a welcome taste in the tea, and it’s quite smooth.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Thai Tea Blend by Teavana
75 tasting notes

I’m curious to know whether the past reviews of this tea were based on Teavana’s old Thai blend or the new Thai blend. The last time I bought Thai from Teavana, in spring 2010, it was still simple, straightforward Thai tea: strong black tea with traditional Thai flavors.

The last time I stopped by Teavana for a refill was in early January. To my horror, the Thai tea I knew and loved has turned into a ghastly over-perfumed mix that they call their “interpretation of the popular Thai iced tea blend.” To be fair, this blend might taste quite nice iced, and I will try it this summer. For now, I bemoan the departure from what I deem “true” Thai tea into this over-flavoured mix of assam, rooibos, star anise, almonds, and “a bevy of” Thai spices.

I feel like Teavana hijacked my Thai tea. :( Now I have to find it elsewhere!

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I’ve been enjoying this Darjeeling for a while now. This is a straightforward darjeeling that is aromatic and smooth. The light floral notes make this an excellent afternoon tea! This darjeeling is simple and uncomplicated. A perfect cuppa. :)

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Subtle Earl Grey flavour that is smooth and not at all astringent! I LOVE this tea!

I’m already a fan of the Sadaf special blend with cardamom, and I’m a fan of Earl Grey. So why, one asks, did it take me this long to try the Sadaf special blend with Earl Grey? Because I couldn’t fully appreciate it until a cold afternoon where I’m at my wits’ end and running errands which, serendipitously, included a Lebanese food store.

I always drink black tea with sugar and milk, and this brew mellows quite nicely into a lovely cup. I get the taste of Earl Grey, and a not-too-bold base of black tea. This is a fabulous afternoon tea.

3 min, 30 sec

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I work at a salon with a Keurig machine, so I brought in my own tea k-cups. This English Breakfast k-cup by Bigelow is certainly good, even though it tastes a bit run-of-the-mill for tea. Seems to have an astringency to it, but milk and sugar help lessen the bitterness.

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Okay, so sometimes you have the tea that you love, and sometimes you need something quick that resembles the tea that you love. And every now and then, you slum it with a generic tea dust that somewhat resembles the memory of tea that you love, but really you just want something because you’re out of range of good tea.

It’s Dunkin Donuts. Still, I’d expect a bit less bitter of a taste, you know? Thankfully, I’m a milk- and sugar- tea drinker, so it’s not awful. And if you’re at Dunkin Donuts and not a coffee drinker? It’s like a pity offering. It will get you through your tea fix, but …. well, it will get you through the tea fix. :)

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drank Eggnogg'n by Bigelow
75 tasting notes

I have drank my first three cups of Eggnogg’n Tea this season. It’s definitely a milk tea, but it satisfies my cravings for an afternoon sweet snack without having to indulge in chocolate. :) My rating stands – still love this tea. If you like milk, vanilla, or generally “creamy” tea, you should try this one!

Bigelow Tea


Thanks for the great review….so glad you are enjoying the Eggnogg’n Tea!

Valorie for Bigelow Tea


Hi Valorie! I think Eggnogg’n is great, but a lot of people can’t find it. You should try to make it more visible and readily available, since it’s such a perfect fall/winter season tea!

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Designer, photographer, gardener, and rabid locavore. Tea? I’ll have mine with milk and sugar, please. :)

I adore the silly ostentation of ordering tea in a restaurant. Coffee? Yeah, you get a mug and a saucer of cream packets. Tea? Oh, let us break out the wooden tea box, and get you a tiny little platter with a teapot and a mug and all the accoutrements…

If you are into swapping tea, I’m always happy to ship a sample of my cupboard in exchange for new and interesting teas!


Northern Virginia



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