drank Earl Grey Creme by Teavana
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I’m generally an earl grey purist: hot water, tea leaves, no cream, no sugar, and please no lemon juice (that’s for orange pekoe, or any of the UK breakfast teas). I feel like I’m cheating on the classic when I have my Lady Grey tea. I tried the Earl Grey Crème because it was in the DAVIDs tea advent calendar and I loved that it was creamy without having to add actual cream. I was planning on stocking up on the tea from DAVIDs but then after Christmas Teavana had a huge sale, and after the quantity discounts it was close to $1 for 2 oz, I think I got a total of 10 oz (just of this tea, don’t ask how much I got all together, it’s embarrassing). SO what all of that ramble meant was that I got this tea with really high standards. Which this tea didn’t really meet.

Not that this tea is bad, please don’t think that. It’s a good light tea, I just happen to prefer stronger teas. I find the bergamot and vanilla-esque cream taste stronger in the DAVIDs version.

A point in the pros column for this tea is I don’t think it’s possible to burn/over brew it. Throw some leaves in your tea travel mug of choice, toss in some boiling water, drive to work, and you can drink it when you get there (well you probably can, I have to pour it into a small tea cup so it doesn’t melt my tongue off).

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OK I’m just going to do a short bio now so I can follow other people’s tea blogs without seeming too creepy, I promise to do a better (and more interesting) one soon. So probably in a couple of years.
I recently finished my college degree and and have my fingers crossed to get accepted into my grad school of choice. Once my education is all finished I want to be a librarian, mostly so I can drink tea while surrounded by books all day (and get paid for it!!) while encouraging all librarian stereotypes with my knit cardigans, pulled back hair, and glasses.
I’ve been drinking herbal tea with my mother (who I also got onto this site – HI MOMMY!!) for as long as I can remember. I started buying Orange Pekoe grounds (let’s face it there’s nothing leaf like about them) for myself in high school for the caffeine boost, and have been buying loose leaf teas ever since.
When I have to explain my love of tea to others these are generally the reasons I give:
1.) It’s like a hug in a cup, there’s something incredibly soothing about holding a warm mug and smelling your favourite scent.
2.) Although I didn’t start drinking tea for the health benefits, I will definitely enjoy them. Lower LDL levels? Protection against heart disease? Healthier skin? Yes please, sign me up.
3.) I’m a celiac and was diagnosed when I was 13, which was late enough in life that I know exactly what I’m missing out on. I don’t really care that cake tea, or s’mores tea has less calories than the actual product, but I do LOVE that I can sit and smell things I’ve missed while tasting something that’s similar (and often better than their gluten free replicas).


British Columbia, Canada

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