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drank Golden Lily by DAVIDsTEA
206 tasting notes

Still roasty toasty. Too much for my liking. I’m going to declutter.

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drank Golden Dragon Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
206 tasting notes

Decided to try this again because, well, why not.

Going about 60s times for each steep.

And again, all I really seem to get is leather, which becomes more and more noticeable as it cools. There might also be somewhat of a sweetish taste to it as an after taste. Not 100% sure on that

Its not really offensive as some I have tried, but, at the same time, there really isn’t anything that draws me either.

On the second steep its smack in the face leather.

I just have to come to accept that shou pu’erh is just not my thing and I may as well stop throwing away my money on trying.

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I’ve bene out for a while and my recent restock came in a few days ago. And, as much as I love this tea, I almost never make notes about it.

Its not as smooth as some teas, but its not harsh in any way. Worst I can say is maybe its a little drying in the mouth but still very pleasant. It doesn’t quite give me that french toast vibe like it did all those years ago, but I am still very much enjoying the flavor.

Still something I want to always have in my cupboard.

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Its been a long time.

I don’t notice the buttery mouth feel that I noted before. I’m unsure if its just a difference in this year’s harvest or if my perceptions have changed over the years.

Not as smooth as some teas I’ve had more recently, but still rather enjoyable.

Updated rating for new system

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drank White Pear by Adagio Teas
206 tasting notes

Man oh man its been warm and muggy for the last few days. Because of this, I wanted something light and I wanted to try this so it seemed good timing.

Ever read the description of a tea while you are sipping on it and want to yell “no it doesn’t!”?

What I get is kind of floral or perfumy. Actually perfume is the better word for it as its like a floral perfume and not floral in of itself, if that makes any sense. It has an almost chemically kind of flavor.

If the name and description didn’t mention pear, I likely would have not been able to guess. if I just breath in the scent for a while I can kind of convince myself there might be just the faintest hint of pear, but mostly its just perfume.

I didn’t have high hopes here, mostly just curious. I ended up dumping it and switching to their White Grapefruit, which I know I like.

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drank White Grapefruit by Adagio Teas
206 tasting notes

Well, ever since I tried that sample, I have been obsessing. I needed to make another order from Adagio anyway, so I ended up picking up 2oz of this.

I increased the steep time this morning and that did improve the mouth feel and increase the flavor a bit. However its still a delicate tea and I can only get about 2-3 resteeps before its no longer worth the effort. By this point, it goes more vegetal as it cools instead of the sweetness of the grapefruit coming out more.

I am curious how this might work iced or cold brew. Will have to try that at some point.

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I’ve started thinking of this as Old Reliable. No matter how I feel or how my day has gone, or how much I have screwed up the steeping parameters, its always smooth, kind of buttery with a lovely mouth feel. A nice hint of sweetness as well.

I feel so lucky as I only initially bought it because I needed a little more in my cart for free shipping.

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drank Camelot Blend by Harney & Sons
206 tasting notes

The only thing I can really seem to taste is nutmeg..
Maybe the teeniest hint of cinnamon, but otherwise, nothing else. Definitely not what I was expecting from the description.

Its not bad, very drinkable in fact. Just not what I was hoping for.

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Decided to try this again so I could update the rating for my new system and give consideration to decluttering this one.

This time the flavors seem more towards floral. No sign of ginger in scent or flavor at all.

Just not to my tastes at all. Very disappointing.

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Cross posted to Steepster

Another purchased a couple of months before the great office move, tried, and never got around to writing up notes due to a mix of disappointment and lack of time.

No matter how much I desire it to be otherwise, Darjeeling teas just seem to be much harsher than I tend to like. Might do better with add ins, but that just really isn’t my taste.

The first couple of times I tried this, it was really harsh, bitter, and astringent. It was really bad. I’ve tried it a couple times since then and it was still too much.

Today I convinced myself to try it at least one more time so I could actually write some notes. And, for some unknown reason its not as bad as it had been in the past. Don’t know if its maybe age (its been sitting in my drawer for almost a year) or perhaps I changed some steeping parameters that I don’t realize.

Its still astringent, but not so much that I can’t stand to sip on it. I’ll keep it around, try a few more times, and see if my tastes change, but I suspect this is eventually going to become a declutter.

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Due to Steepster instability, I have moved to my own system for logging/rating/tracking and I have chosen to move to a 10pt rating system. (As of 7/2023)

All new teas will be rated using this new system. Existing teas will not be modified unless I try them again.

Rating Details:
100 – Amazing
90 – Excellent
80 – Enjoyable
70 – If I’m in the right mood
60 – Nothing Special
50 – Interesting elements, but doesn’t work as a whole
40 – Disappointing
30 – Not for me
20 – Harsh/Bad
10 – Absolutely horrible

All reviews are purely subjective based upon my personal preferences alone.


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