Tea Enthusiast seeking out family-owned artisanal tea farms that utilize sustainable, responsible & organic farming methods and making friends along the way. LOVE to hunt for vintage Chinese Teawares, too.

A little bit about my rating scale. I’ve borrowed the following rating scale from another user as it mirrors my sentiments on rating teas. This is really for my own reference to keep track of the ones I’ve tried & the ones I never want to forget.

95-100 Nirvana. Reserving this for once I try many more teas. This is sort of like your last meal (tea) before the electric chair kind of category.

90-94 Just awesome. I’d be happy if I had nothing but this to drink for the rest of my life.

85-89 Excellent. Very top notch stuff. Solid anchor in the cupboard and a staple in the rotation of what I drink.

80-84 Very good. Glad I drank it, probably will drink it again.

75-79 Good. Has something “good” about it making it interesting, but maybe isn’t as well rounded or is missing something to make it better. Something I wouldn’t be disappointed to drink, but nothing I’d go back to if I have something better.

70-74 OK. I’m not spitting it out or dumping the pot, but kind of unhappy about spending some of my limited daily caffeine intake on this and would prefer something else.

Not rating anything below 70. At that point, it’s not worth drinking and definitely not worth taking the time to describe it.


Queen Bee @ Edwards Farm located in beautiful Howard Lake, MN

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