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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #177 overall / Tea #1 for May
Saturday 5/1 — DTs the skinny — another sample packet 15g(?) size it was open not sure how much was left but did a cold-brew in a glass jar. Weird mix of ingredients but the orange flavor shined through, and I enjoyed kicking off my rare Saturday off with this tea.
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drank Seaberry Spa by DAVIDsTEA
188 tasting notes

#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #176 overall / Tea #47 for April
Friday 4/30 — DTs seaberry spa 3 PS 20ish oz jar cold brew. In a desperate attempt to get some sip downs in I found a box with some random paper sachets with tea. This one was seaberry spa, a white tea with light fruits/herbs. Put this in a glass jar to brew for a day or two in the fridge and it turned out nice, very soft and pleasant, don’t remember anything special as I was somewhere between sipping and gulping. I believe I have an unopened package or two in my stash (maybe even a few pitcher packs) which I will enjoy, but not a permanent collection (tea is discontinued anyway). This concludes my April teas with 47 for the month.
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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #175 overall / Tea #46 for April
An Ode To Tea, W is for Wakoucha by Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms (black tea) (gifted by Cameron aka @tea.n.pugs) 13/23
Thursday 4/29 — WOW-color me impressed. Cameron sent me a lovely package with lots of different teas. I vowed to try everything even the ones that might not normally be my wheelhouse. I will say this again and again, but black tea is not my favorite. I brewed up the whole sample packet (5g? 10g?) in small plastic pitcher (maybe 32 oz of water?) cold brew and I adored it. It was so light, but not like light like on flavor but like airy? I don’t know. I’m terribly bad at describing things but this was so delicious. I wish I would have experimented with this more. Looking forward to trying other teas from this company and putting them on my wish list of companies to try in future.
#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

Tiffany :)

Oh, let me double check the packaging and I might have to delete and repost. Thanks regardless Cameron! :D

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
188 tasting notes

#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #174 overall / Tea #45 for April
Thursday 4/29 — DT Just Peachy… paper sachet with 2-3 PS. Cold-brewed about 20ish oz of water in glass jar 4/28, made into two “cold latte” with 3/4 tea + 1/4 half & half for Micah today while he was working. (:
#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
188 tasting notes

#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #173 overall / Tea #44 for April
An Ode to Tea, P is for Pumpkin Chai by DavidsTea (gifted by Jackie @teawithjamandcookies on IG) 12/23

Thursday 4/29 — *DT Pumpkin Chai cold brewed little before 7 am 4/27 at Canopy fridge, sipped down all day at home 4/29 before evening work shift (4pm-12am). This is incredible. I love chai in general and enjoy pumpkin real life but not artificial, so this is not really my cuppa tea. I guess I’ve only had it hot plain and hot latte because I took the entire sample (maybe 3 PS?) in my DT perfect pitcher (64 oz) and cold brewed. And the light pumpkin black tea worked! I actually enjoyed drinking this throughout my day at home before my work shift. Not enough to get again but I was not sad to drink this today.

#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #172 overall / Tea #43 for April
An Ode to Tea, I is for Iced tea blend green tea by 52teas (gifted by AJrimmer)
Wednesday 4/28 — first day off in 10 days so I started a whole row of cold brews this morning and made more cold brews later. Also a day with highs in low 80s. The crisp mint and green tea base are good but I don’t get any of the peaches or lemons in the ingredients. :( I will try hot then putting in fridge when I find my sub box packet.
#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge


Yeah, I only ever tasted green tea and mint with this one, but thought it was really tasty.

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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #171 overall / Tea #42 for April
#drinkwhatyouown March 25/25
Wednesday 4/28 — random steeping by various artists. kroger pom Blueberry acai green tea / tipson Blueberry matcha 1 teabag each …Warm/cold brewed since evening 4/27. These were from Danielle small business advent calendar Dec 2020. It was okay nothing special but sipped with breakfast.
#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #170 overall / Tea #41 for April
Tuesday 4/27 — david’s tea vanilla bean black. I’ve made Micah 2 lattes from the bag (so maybe 4-5 PS gone?) and I came home from work and he had dumped the rest into hot water to make for kombucha (who knows what temp water or how long etc.). Well at least it is a sip down. I’m going to rebrew leaves to make another batch for kombucha then toss leaves. When I find the hopefully other bag of this somewhere in my stash I hope to try it before it gets used up.
#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

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Tiffany’s tasting Note #170
An Ode to Tea, N is for New England Breakfast by Harney & Sons (gifted by Tiana @its.a.tea.adventure on IG)

Tuesday 4/27 —This is a special tasting note because this is my first one that is not for a sip down. I was going to let my steepster account only be for sip downs but I’m really enjoying my “alphabet challenge” (aka an ode to tea/#2021steepstersipdown April challenge thanks to Mastress Alita). Brewed this one hot & plain two sachets for 5+ minutes. I am pleasantly surprised about this considering I’m not a black tea fan (green & oolong & tisanes are my jam!) but it really is sold with the sweet flavor (assuming the maple flavoring). — Tiana was so kind to gift me 18 sachets which will be 9 “cups” (since 16-20 oz is a cuppa of tea for me), putting them in my locker and I will enjoy these as an easy “morning shift at work brew”.

#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #169 overall / Tea #40 for April

Monday 4/26 — Verdant Tea 2020 Spring Laoshan Green 25g(?) pack. Last cold brew pitcher I started rebrew of leaves 4/22 for a day or so I can’t remember but then brought to work to finish tea 4/26. Strong green tea. Need to try brewing it less when cold brewing to see if the flavor can taste a little lighter. I have a lot of this since I apparently acquired some last year and I didn’t realize so then got a bunch on change of season sale at Verdant.

#tiffanydrinkstea #tiffanys2021 #tiffanysfaves #tiffanyinthe614 #tiffanysteasipdown #sipdownchallenge

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For now I’m generally using my tasting notes to record my 2021 sipdowns (of tins/bags/packages no matter if it’s a kilo bag or a teabag/sample packet), goal is 500 by end of year and not a ban on buying but just learning my tastes.

2021 TOTAL AS OF 5/6: 186

May: 10 (186 total as of 5/6) [goal 54 aka end of the month: 230]
April: 47 (176 total as of 4/30) [goal 71 aka for the end of the month: 200]
March: 45 (129 total as of 3/31) [goal 100 aka for end of the month: 184]
February: 51 (84 total as of 2/28) [goal for end of the month: 84]
January: 33 [goal for end of the month: 42]

TOTAL MONEY SPENT on tea/tea accessories in 2021 as of 2/17/21: $1562.79 USD

Been a huge fan of tea since spring of 2016.

Likes: herbal (tisanes), green, oolong, fruity, lemon, bananas, cherry, raspberry, any berries really, dessert, sweet potato, spicy, smoky, earthy, roasted, chai, ginger, cardamom, lavender, rosemary, sage need to keep adding to this.

Dislikes: stevia, chamomile, rose, jasmine, perfume, floral.

I post here and there on Instagram, need to start posting there more regularly.

I love to share/swap/take in homeless teas… if you have something (even if it’s just enough for one cup – for me one cup is a 16-20 oz size) to share / want to swap / etc. feel free to send me a message. I don’t have any allergies and love trying new things! :)


Columbus, Ohio, USA



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