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J-Tea in Eugene, Oregon
Rachel Buccicone rated this place
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I’ve never been more impressed by a tea house and the knowledge of staff. The first time we visited J-Tea it was just a loose-leaf sale shop but Josh could offer free tastings. We sat with him for an hour and learned all kinds of things about tea. My understanding is that Josh makes trips to Taiwan himself to pick out the teas. I think the Wenshan Bao Zhong I got there is still the best tea I’ve ever had. He taught me that I DO like oolongs, I just prefer them on the green side. When we returned to J-Tea a couple years later, the shop was renovated and is now a full service tea bar. A different staffer was on hand the day we went and again we were there for more than an hour, just soaking in the rich tea experience. My husband later bought online the Iron Beauty expensive, but amazing tea. We always make a special occasion out of drinking it.