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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Serves Loose-leaf, Bagged
Features Tastings

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Lupcia in Nerima-ki, Tokyo
Liquid Proust rated this place
and said Edit

This shop is absolutely amazing. I added an English translated link to see part of it. The selection at this store is over 250+ tea (I did count) and they are sectioned by estate types. The workers there are very attentive, however I don’t know Japanese so I felt bad because they tried to help me a lot. I was brought free samples of tea to try while I tried to chose four teas out of five walls full of selection. The main wall has 120ish teas from Lupcia with English on the boxes but the teas on the other walls are all in Japanese. The best part about this experience is having Google translate to use on Lupcia’s website so I knew what everything was- this also made it easy to find the kanji for what teas I wanted as well. Overall I have no issue with this store other than it’s quite intimidating to go into a store with so many selections and come out with just a few (imagine if Krispee Kreme had 300 donuts to choose from).
I hope to visit the other Lupcia stores in Tokyo as well after this experience!