DAVIDs TEA Bucktown/Wicker Park Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Modern
Serves Loose-leaf, Bagged, Iced

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Photo submitted by Rachel Buccicone

3 Reviews

Julebug773 rated this place
and said Edit

I use to work in Wicker Park, and my near daily walks to this David’s Tea location are likely what sparked a passion for trying and drinking teas. It’s a great company and I was always impressed by the variety of the tea, as well as the brewing accessories available. This store in particular is wonderful. I got to know the staff well and, even though I no longer work nearby, I will still go out of my way to visit this location so I can replenish my tea cupboard.

Rachel Buccicone rated this place
and said Edit

I’ve become a big fan of this Canadian tea company. They definitely are a modern twist on loose leaf tea. They come up with some amazing herb combinations that can make tea taste like anything from cotton candy to root beer. They also have many fantastic pure and organic teas. I like the milk oolong. The gold rush tea with mulberries in it is a favorite also. They are now making sparkling ice tea, which is another fun take on tea. The staff at the various locations I have been to always are friendly and want to have you smell all kinds of stuff.

Amani rated this place
and said Edit

Now Chicago has its own DAVIDs TEA shop! Get your loose leaf DAVIDs TEA, adorable design-y teaware, and great gifts like their 24 Days of Tea advent calendar! Usually have free samples and you can go in and smell the teas for yourself :)