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Serves Loose-leaf

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Just Add Honey - Online in Atlanta, Georga
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First the good: This company has a few very intriguing flavors of tea which is what drew me in and convinced me to buy from them. I haven’t yet tried the teas, please check out my tasting notes for reviews on those. I ordered three different teas, they were fairly reasonably priced. And the shipping was VERY speedy, I was very impressed to receive my box today when it seems like I just placed the order.

The order was wrapped in tissue paper inside the shipping box, and I like little touches like that. Instead of a free sample, there was a honey straw inside … I’d rather have a free sample, but, I guess the honey straw is better than nothing.

Now for the not-so-good: I’m not particularly impressed with the packaging. They are the Kraft tea bags that are resealable with a wire closure (not a zipper pouch), but, the bag is just way too big for the amount of tea that I ordered. It is a bit too roomy for the amount of tea that I ordered. Not really a complaint but more of an observation. But here is where the “not so good” comes in to play, the labels are incomplete … they do not offer any kind of steeping suggestions on the label. I do like that the label has a date on it but the date appears to be the date that it was packaged and not the date that the tea was harvested. This doesn’t tell me how old the tea is inside, it only tells me when they packaged it.

And the label is at the top of this very large bag, so if I decide to roll down the top of the bag (there’s a good six to eight inches of empty bag here) I will fold over the label and I won’t know which tea it is. And if I don’t fold it over, it’s going to have this huge empty flap of a bag in my tea storage.

This stuff is minor, really, and I don’t think that it would keep me from ordering from this company again if I enjoy the teas. The package did not include an invoice, no free sample of tea as I mentioned already, and no personal thank you. There is a little card that offers some brief information about the company, but even that doesn’t say “thank you” on it… it is more or less like a business card in a postcard size.

The average rating is based upon the experience, which is just average. I’m happy with how quickly the order arrived, and this would make it just a little above average, but the lack of personality brings it back down a notch.