The Tea Caddy Edit

3 ratings
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Type Tea Room
Style British
Food Pastries, Full menu
Features Afternoon tea
Mon Wed 11:00 AM 7:00 PM
Thu Fri 11:00 AM 11:00 PM
Sat Sun 11:00 AM 7:00 PM

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Photo submitted by Ysaurella

2 Reviews

The Tea Caddy in Paris, Paris
Coq.uelicot rated this place
and said Edit

I only tried tea without any foods to go with it, a white tea, and it was rather good, but being the teaset an English one the second cup was overextracted; if wanting to stick to those pots&cups (as they should! They were really cute) I would suggest steeping the leaves before serving them to prevent this from happening.
It was summer, so I was sitting outside in the really charming spot nestled between a public park, some nice buildings and the Shakespeare&Co bookshop which is a must-go in the first place. Bonus: you can see the Notre Dame towers from your spot :)

The Tea Caddy in Paris, Paris
Ysaurella rated this place
and said Edit

Very nice place for a full brunch.
Totally British !

Correct choice of teas (loose leaf)

Employees are very nice and everything is home made (pies are just incredible !)

You’ll have a real ham (like the ones you can only get in a farm)

Really a very nice address and so close from Notre Dame (if you are a tourist it can be really a good place to stop before of after visiting THE cathedral.

I wasn’t very fond of the decoration (even if I generally love soooo much British cottages)…neither of the ambiance (18th century) …but it is really a good place to try.

Brunch at 28 € (a little expensive but I can understand the reasons of the rates – the ingredients used are very high quality ones)

Absolutely not for junk food or fusion/fashion food lovers … here the time has been suspended.