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Type Tea Shop
Serves Loose-leaf

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  • 2901 S Capital of Tx Hwy # M1
  • Austin, Texas

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Teavana in Austin, Texas
Emilie rated this place
and said Edit

At least for this particular store, all the horrible Teavana rumors are true. As soon as I got anywhere near the door, a guy jumped on me. He offered me many samples, but they were all almost not enough to taste. He didn’t give me a moment to look around. He kept dragging me from thing to thing that I never showed any interested in. Also, I mentioned I was a college student on a budget. So he showed me the $32 travel mug. No thanks ಠ_ಠ

He was pushy but never out right rude. However, I made the mistake of mentioning oolong. He handed me off to his “tea consultant” before I got a chance to think. She was extremely rude. She pretty much told me all of my opinions on tea were wrong and insulted my intelligence. Of course, she was forcing the Monkey-Picked Oolong. Twenty something dollars for two ounces? I cannot afford that. I told her that I was looking for something at a lower price. She replied with “WHY!? Do you not have the money or do you just not want to buy it?” Um, none of your business, excuse you. If I’m not buying it, I’m not buying it. So she finally brings out some cheaper oolongs. I pick one and say that I want 2 ounces. She asks if 2.9 is good. No, no it’s not. I settle with 2.2. As she’s pouring it into the little paper bag, I’m looking over the tea behind her to see if anything catches my attention. I happen to be looking at the herbal blends when she notices and she tells me “You don’t want to buy those. They’re ONLY good for mixing with tea.” If my herbals were that crappy, I wouldn’t broadcast it. Then she says “HURRY UP. A line is forming behind you.” Even though she was the one ignoring what I told her and pulling out the expensive teas. I finally get her to give me some more black tea. This time she gives me three ounces. When I tell her no, two she says “This is what you said!”

OH! And she pushed the tins on me, hardcore. I told her I didn’t want them and she told me that the bags would only keep them good for four days and I was buying more than four days worth of tea. I told her I had my own and she was said"WELL! They better be tin." I finally pay, and suddenly as soon as I’ve slide my credit card, she did not want to talk to me at all. No part of this experience was good. I wish I could give this no stars. If you want a pleasant and affordable tea experience, do NOT go here.