Madame Brussels Edit

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Style Other
Serves Loose-leaf
Food Snacks
Good For Groups, Dates

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  • 59 Bourke Street
  • Melbourne, VIC

1 Review

Madame Brussels in Melbourne, VIC
Robert Godden rated this place
and said Edit

The choice of teas -chamomile, peppermint or English Breakfast from their coffee suppliers. I should have listened to the alarm bells that range set off, but ordered the EB.

I have never seen tea better presented. A tin teapot with a pink butterfly embroidered tea cosy, teacup resting in an elegant swan dish, antique strainer, simply bountiful.

Really really cheap and nasty tea, and badly made by someone who clearly has never had a cup of tea in their life. I recommend this place for it’s bohemian atmosphere, it’s fine range of alcoholic drinks and elegance, but if they offer you tea, run!