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Type Cafe
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Serves Loose-leaf
Food Pastries, Sandwiches, Snacks
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  • Main Road
  • Mc Laren Vale, SA

1 Review

Blessed Cheese in Mc Laren Vale, SA
Robert Godden rated this place
and said Edit

Now, I’ve given this place a four, even though there were some deficiencies in the tea.
Blessed Cheese is a cheese shop that capitalises on the popularity of cheese (Which I rarely eat) and wine (which I don’t drink) in one of the world’s most famous winery towns.
The place is lovely, built into an old cottage with various rooms and nooks and crannies.
It’s filled with exotic cheeses and good quality local produce.
They have altura coffee (I had a little taste, I think it’s their Tuscan belnd, which is great).
They also offer about 8 T-bar loose leaf teas.
I chose the Margaret’s Hope 2nd flush – a great tea.
What they did wrong was add to much tea to the pot – about twice what was required.
However, they turned up unannounced with a jug of hot water, and with a little manipulation, I managed to end up with a cup of tea, a jug of tea with two more cups in it and a teapot way too full of leaves.
So, no real harm done. They could use a bit of tea education, though.
They served superb, perfect sour dough toast with a generous pot of butter (not rock hard, either) and some lovely honey. I had ordered the jam but we checked and it would have affected my allergies. The honey was more than adequate, and I ended up adding a smigden to the tea.
A delightful experience. Next time, I’ll just let them know about the tea.