Teavana Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Serves Iced, Loose-leaf

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1 Review

Teavana in Roseville, California
Tyler rated this place
and said Edit

Over priced tea, but that is what is to be expected from a ritzy mall. I’ve seen some really good teas come and go, they normally don’t stay long and they replace them with teas that are not as good. I would say they specialize in fruity herbal teas. Tea purists would be disappointed, as I am.
However, they have the coolest tea ware. It’s super expensive though. It’s the only place I know of locally you can buy awesome tea ware.
The managers I’ve come across are rude, loud, and don’t seem to care about their customers. A few of the employees are friendly. It seems to be a hit and miss.