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Coffee Exchange Edit

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  • 101 Merchants Row
  • Rutland, Vermont
  • (802) 775-3337

1 Review

Coffee Exchange in Rutland, Vermont
nvnohi rated this place
and said Edit

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice enough place… it’s just that this is a coffee shop, not a tea room. And it’s obvious, even if they’re a nice coffee shop that caters more to its tea drinkers than most coffee shops might.

Basically, they have a small selection of loose leaf teas that they cram into a large teabag, staple or fold shut, and then drop into a mug of hot water on a saucer. They have some nice soups and such to go with it if you’re hungry. There are varied places to settle, including an old bank-like vault and the more traditional Western seating. It’s good to gather with friends and business associates. If I were rating a different type of shop I’d have rated it a bit higher. Just not for a tea room!