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Granny McCarthy's Tea Room Edit

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Granny McCarthy's Tea Room in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Leah Naomi rated this place
and said Edit

I just got back from a spontaneous visit here – I love that it is open all day, and that there are more teas on the menu than food. Mostly blacks, with lots of flavored and unflavored options. I had rose black tea that was the best rose tea I have had so far, and one of my companions had vanilla and was also extremely impressed. Once I am off my tea no-buy, I foresee buying loose tea from this place.

As it is now, I can’t often justify going out for tea when I have MORE than enough at home, but if I want to go out for a hot drink with friends I would absolutely come here again, or anytime I just needed to get away for a little while and relax in a different space than my living room.

For reference, my small pot of tea had 6 teacup servings, which I estimate to be between 18-24oz (I forgot to ask, and I am a horrible judge in size), and I paid 4.50.