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I received this in a mailer from ROT, and I steeped it for about 10 minutes, which equalled utter deliciousness. I had it hot w/ Truvia, and LOVED it. I bet it would be amazing cold. It was both sweet and tart, and tasted like actual watermelon. I liked that this little bag was so potent, that it was still flavorful even in 12 oz. of water, which is unlike other ROT packets. I usual use 2 packets at a time for this brand, which gets expensive. I will def buy a can of this great tea.

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I have a thing for bergamot oil, and I have only had earl grey in tea bag form, and this has been my favorite of many brands tried. I find the smell to be so therapeutic, and I love that it is never bitter. I prefer it w/out additions, but have also tried adding a drop or two of vanilla extract to sweeten it a bit, which is also enjoyable.

Does anyone have a loose leaf earl grey they would recommend for me to try out?

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Meh. Very non-descript sweet black tea. I have tried this twice to make sure, but I do not get pineapple upside down cake at all, nor a lot of black tea flavor. I am not sure where the fruit notes are, but I do get a caramelized sugar note. I would say this would be a good tea to mix w/ others if you wanted to sweeten them up, but I wouldn’t repurchase. I have ordered the rooibos version of this, Upside Down Cake, to see if I have better luck with that.

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I banked that I would love this and ordered two ounces in my first order from DT teas. Turns out, it was a really good choice, and is a nice change from all the autumn flavored teas that I’ve overdosed on. It both smells and tastes delicious-kind of reminiscent of a liquor such as Tom and Jerry’s batter w/ brandy and rum if you ever have had that? It def makes me think of eggnog as it is spiced just right and has a creamy mouth feel. I would say it doesn’t have the “egginess” that actual eggnog has, but I’m ok with that. I’ve enjoyed this several times, and especially like it with soy milk and Truvia to make it even creamier.

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This is a really good one! I seriously can’t believe how realistic it tastes (much like Della Terra’s Oatmeal Raisin cookie). I like that it is a bit savory, but I still get the touch of cream cheese frosting and cake sweetness as well. I’m plowing through this one ounce sample!

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Have you ever just had one of THOSE weeks, and the tiniest positive thing that occurs in the midst of the yuckiness seems to shine through like a ray of brilliant sunshine upon your face? Dang, that’s how good this tea is. It brings me joy! Let me pause…to savor this moment of bliss. =)

I cannot even describe how much this tastes like the real deal. All the flavors of an oatmeal cookie are equally balanced including: oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins, w/ the mild black tea in the background. Another great thing is it’s hard to over-steep this black. I left it for about 9 min. on accident, which actually made it even tastier than the previous 4 min. brew time.

I think it is a must to add a bit of milk if you want to elevate from floating on a cloud, to pure heaven. Out of my various Della Terra teas I’ve sampled, this is my fave.

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Wow, I just have to say this is SO much better then Republic of Tea’s Red Velvet Chocolate tea. I actually really like it. When I smelled it, I thought it would be similar to DT’s Birthday Cake, which I didn’t care for. That is, it has the same maple aroma. I was a little worried, but it really does taste incredible! The black tea is smooth and robust, and I could definitely taste the red velvet notes of cocoa, and white chocolate in the background. HOWEVER, when I added soy milk and Truvia, it was absolutely cakey, and it brought the red velvet to the forefront and became even more delicious. I wish I had ordered a tin of this, and I will absolutely be repurchasing.

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This tea starts with a bright blueberry jam note, and then fades into a…cinnamon and sugar piece of toast? Yes, I am getting a strong sense of toast, which others seem to describe as the top of the crumble. Kind of odd, but really interesting how unique and real it tastes. Also, it may be worth noting, that I had more green tea then black in my sample bag. I don’t think this is something I would find myself craving, so not a re-purchase per say, but I think it will be enjoyable when I want something a bit unusual.

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I took a chance and got a tin of this as it sounded so wonderful. Unfortunately, it was not at all what I was hoping for. It tastes like maple flavored icing, with no birthday “cake” likeness whatsoever. Bummer. It also had an unpleasant oily residue. People that love sugary icing type things may love this, but I am the oddball that scrapes most the icing off.

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Much to my delight, I received my first 52teas order today from the cyber sale, and since it is evening, I settled on this lovely tea. My first cup I only really got a flat cinnamon taste. That was steeping at boiling for 7 min., w/ 2 teaspoons for 16 oz of water. I was def a bit disappointed.
Luckily on the second cup, I decided to try to steep it for 10 minutes, used 3 teaspoons and I added a splash of soy milk and a little Truvia- and it was a whole different cup of tea. I really thought it tasted more bakery cinnamon w/ the additional steeping, milk and sweetener. It had a hint of baked bread and brown sugar, but I didn’t really get the icing note at all. It has a very slight smokiness that makes it even more interesting. It smells more like a cinnamon bun than it tastes, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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