drank Sour Appletini by DAVIDsTEA
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This was the tea I was most intrigued by in the Cocktail Collection. It’s truly a sour apple tea, and that’s a flavour I had never experienced in tea before. As an iced tea it’s quite nice, but there’s something off about the flavour, and I think that sour apple is a flavour that should really be reserved for candy. It’s very refreshing, with a full-bodied apple flavour and a very pleasant sourness (thank you for leaving hibiscus out of this one!), but not something that I could see myself drinking very often. Definitely a cool novelty tea though!

What follows is some personal musings on DAVIDsTEA from a business standpoint, the tea review ends here if that’s all you care about!

Lately it feels as though DAVIDsTEA has really been pounding out the new releases, and while I love having new teas to try, it also feels as though the quality of their releases has gone down. I’ve heard rumours that the new CEO, Joel Silver, is planning on bringing out fewer releases (about one per month versus one almost every two weeks), and I’m looking forward to where he brings this company. I don’t think that their previous model of fast expansion and constant new releases sat well with consumers; I believe it gave off a sense of greed for a company that had historically built a very personal relationship with its customers.

I’ve seen many people complain of changing business practices and sales tactics within the company, and to that I say it is a business, and they do need to make money. In the beginning, loose tea was a very niche product, and as its popularity has grown, it’s harder to make the sales. People rarely need to buy high-priced items such as a steeper or a travel mug, and those initial sales are easily the most profitable for the company. The vast majority of people who shop at DAVIDsTEA are not tea addicted, and I’ve found that many people who are total tea addicts have moved onto different companies after initially falling in love with loose leaf tea through DAVIDsTEA. They are no longer trying to break into the market, they’re now trying to grow and expand with the market, and that requires a totally different approach. Being an exciting new novelty is one thing, but creating an enduring, prosperous business is completely different. While I am not saying that DAVIDsTEA will be going out of business any time soon, I do believe they need to change their approach as more and more people are turning away from the company.

Flavors: Apple, Apple Candy, Sour

Iced 5 min, 0 sec

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Law student from Alberta, Canada with a passion for all things tea after quitting coffee. Currently drinking primarily DAVIDsTEA blends due to proximity and convenience, but open to expanding my tea-rizons in the near future.

Apple, caramel, vanilla, coconut, jasmine tea, malty black teas, sweet blackberry leaves, guayusa, white tea, peach, strawberry, creaminess, raspberry leaves, Chinese teas, anything smooth and creamy!!! Highly caffeinated blends have my heart.

Vegetal green teas, astringency, ginger, cinnamon, peppercorns, hibiscus, alcoholic notes, stevia. I prefer teas that don’t contain dairy or artificial flavouring (which begs the question why 90% of my blends come from DAVIDsTEA, the king of artificial flavouring in the tea world). Herbals, tisanes, and rooibos teas tend to sit at the back of my tea cupboard. That being said, I’ll drink almost anything at least once.

0-20: I cannot get through a cup of this, it will be given away/thrown out.
20-40: Tolerable. Will definitely not repurchase.
40-60: Average. Will likely not repurchase.
60-80: Good to very good. May repurchase if I’m in the mood for one of these teas, but these teas are not staples in my collection.
80-95: Will very likely repurchase, but these teas are something I could live without or easily find a suitable substitute.
95-100: Staples. Must always have on hand, would go to the ends of the earth to track down if discontinued.

I make all of my teas Western style, but if I do get more into straight teas in the future you can bet I will be buying a gong fu set. If I’ve added any milk to my teas, it’s always vanilla soy milk, and I do not add sweetener unless otherwise noted. Usually I’m very good about making a note of any additional ingredients I’ve added to the tea.

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