I had a coupon (from signing up for a mailing list in store) for 50 g free with the purchase of 50 g in Teaopia. I will go to great lengths for free or discounted tea, and realized it was expiring today (it actually turned out to be yesterday but still worked), so headed down today before work.

I lucked into an employee who was different from the others I’ve had at the two Teaopias I’ve visited; he was actually friendly and easy-going, and seemed pretty honest in telling me which teas he thought were good/popular, and which he and customers found lacklustre.

Anyway, he said this was one of his favourites so I thought I’d might as well grab a cup to go. It’s interesting. Very almondy, very sweet with some tartness from the currants. I enjoyed it but don’t think I’d buy any, as I’m not such an almond person. I was worried that there would be too much going on (which had me wondering about the accuracy of its name), but it was pretty well-balanced in the added flavour department. I can’t say I’m a fan of the sencha they seem to use in their blends, though.

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