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YEP. I tasted a vanilla tea the other day that I found a bit weak and dull, it really didn’t do much for me except get the response ‘eh’. This, on the other hand, is Vanilla Tea. I can taste a smooth, black tea, and the vanilla used is a mirror of the vanilla bean paste that I buy at a local spice shop……it has the rich sweetness of tobacco without the smoke, the smoothness of rum without the alcohol, and dan absolutely intoxicating, but comforting vanilla scent. The taste of this blew the other one away, hands down, no doubt…..

Even my 15 year old son was all ‘oh. is this what vanilla tea is supposed to taste like?’

Yes, grasshopper, yes. Learn the flavor well. Only good tea for my offspring.

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Crimson Lotus Dragon

Welp, that’s going on the wish list.


Lol! Sorry Crimson. But you won’t be sorry :)

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A surprise! My small town has a townshend’s Tea…..I made a badly steeped cup of (not townshend’s) Tea to take with me to my sons tutoring and it was terrible, so I walked up to the shop and the girl
Behind the counter recommended this. I usually don’t gel very well with fruit tea but it smelled great…..just a hint of strawberry and lemon with a deep back tea scent. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the taste and yes I added sugar….the sugar makes it smell almost like pink cotton candy but the flavor isn’t super sweet. Perfect for waiting around on this fall day!

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drank Vanilla Black by Harney & Sons
15 tasting notes

Hmm. Well, I like that I can actually taste some tea in here…..the dry leaves smell like the alcohol whiff you get from your general grocery store vanilla extract. Made a nice strong dark brew in the pot, and smelled more like vanilla when I poured it. I didn’t get strong bakery or cookie notes, just a mild suggestion of vanilla. A bit boring, but it doesn’t advertise any bells and whistles so I wasn’t expecting more that a basic vanilla tea. Okay, but will keep exploring vanillas and I’m sure there are better than this but it fills the bill for a quick cup.

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drank Pu-erh Classic by Rishi Tea
15 tasting notes

Mushrooms and damp attics. Dark as coffee and similar strength, too. Taste is smoother than the scent but still extremely earthy. I couldn’t separate it from vegetation in my brain so though I finished the cup I don’t think it’s one I’ll drink often. It definitely fills all the check boxes for a standard Pu-erh though.

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drank Holiday Tea by Harney & Sons
15 tasting notes

Thought this would be a no-brainer since I’m usually a fan of holiday teas…..but this, to me, was like drinking a giant piece of Big Red gum. Obviously, cinnamon and I have a weird relationship……..sometimes I get the baking-type cinnamon and sometimes I get the Red Hots Candy cinnamon. I get the latter here and it overwhelms everything else….not in the sense that I can’t taste anything else, just that I can’t really get past it. The other notes are there but my brain is too hyper focused on the cinnamon……Ah well, it happens.

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Mom of 5, grandma of 2 (how did that happen?), reader, outdoor lover, knitter, dog owner……..all go really well with tea…..except maybe the dogs. Live in the high desert where we always have cold night perfect for a hot cup!


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