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This is one of my absolute favourite teas. Moroccan Mint teas in general are a rather soft spot of mine, and this hits all the right notes. The green tea base is strong without being overpowering, the mint tastes fresh and striking without being sharp, and the slight undertone of lemongrass keeps it really mellow. As with most mint teas, I suggest drinking it very sweet for a perfect cup.

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drank Yunnan Noir by Adagio Teas
9 tasting notes

I’m rather fond of this tea when I’m looking for a simple loose-leaf black tea. In my estimation, it’s perfect without sugar. The flavour can get extremely bitter if you over-steep it, so it is definitely a tea to keep an eye on, but it has a rich, mellow taste when you’ve steeped it right.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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This is an absolutely delightful tea. The hibiscus is a wonderful, sweet floral that manages to be bold but not overpowering. It’s wonderful with the Ceylon, and tastes great at any temperature. I drink it hot in the winter or add a bit of extra sugar and drink it iced in the summer.

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This is a very pleasant morning tea – a nice, mild black tea. It’s not an overly strong breakfast tea, rather average, and the flavour is pleasing. Like most of its type, it’s lovely with milk, and the bare hint of Earl Grey gives it an agreeable character. Tends to be an easy tea to get multiple people in agreement on.

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I had mixed feelings about this tea. Mostly, however, I did not particularly enjoy it. When drinking this tea, be prepared for it to be intensely floral (almost perfume-y). As they mention in the official description, the flavour does seem to fluctuate a wee bit – more jasmine some moments, more Earl Grey in other, with an interesting aftertaste – so it is certainly an adventure to drink. It’s not a particularly strong tea, but even so the flavours can be a bit much if you’re not expecting such a flowery, fragrant tea.

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I should preface my note on this by saying that there is a fair amount of disagreement over this tea in my household. In my opinion, it’s absolutely wonderful. However, others have found it to be overly strong and bitter. So, it is not a tea for everyone.

That said, it brews a strong, rich black tea. It can, I suppose, be a little on the bitter side (don’t leave the tea bags or strainer sitting in the pot all afternoon), but I drink it with milk and sugar and find the taste to be quite nice. It’s particularly pleasant on cold rainy days – it certainly warms you right up.

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At first, this tea has a very strong sweet smell. It can, in fact, be a little overpowering. After steeping, the smell is a bit gentler, but the taste is a little unimpressive. It remains sweet, but the white tea seems to somewhat disappear. Continued steeping just results in it being rather bitter On the whole, it makes a pleasant enough iced tea (the tea flavour sharpens slightly when chilled), but is somewhat lacking as a hot tea.

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I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this is my favourite tea. It has a good, rich flavour without being bitter, and is the ideal every day tea. Add a dash of milk (or, if you’re me, more than a dash) and some sugar, and it is absolute perfection. I’ve had it noted to me before that some people think it brews rather strong rather quickly, but I believe it stays quite tasty.

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This tea is absolutely lovely. I’m not normally an herbal tea enthusiast, but this one quite hits the spot. The touch of hibiscus is pleasant, but not overpowering, and the tea itself is light and sweet. I’ve found it works quite well as an iced tea as well. Also, the colour of the tea is stunning – when fully steeped, it’s a purplish-rose. The tea is fragrant, gentle, and sweet. It’s perfect for sitting in the garden in the early summer.

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