23 Tasting Notes


I had a sample of this last time I visited my local David’s Tea. Was deelish! Reminded me of an orange creamsicle.

Will definitely be going on my tea shopping list.

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I’ve recently fell in love with this tea, its so frothy and good!
Smells not so great though, unfortunately that’s my favourite part of drinking tea. I’ve tried it with some agave but I have to say I prefer this one without anything!

The caffeine boost is amazing! helps me get through my classes and practising without crashing.

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drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
23 tasting notes

Not overly impressed. It was ok, but really didn’t stand out to me at all. Maybe because I’ve indulged myself in the chocolatly teas?
Did give me a boost of energy though.
Not a tea that I would add to my collection any time soon.

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So I fiiiiinally got to try this tea, since my local David’s tea opened I’ve been trying to get a cup but I suppose its very popular because they always seem to be fresh out!
It was worth the wait, I enjoyed this tea so much!
Sort of fruity, very much a berry taste, but no enough to make it sickly.

Drank one with one spelda.

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drank Cherry Potion by DAVIDsTEA
23 tasting notes

I quite enjoyed this.
The smell is amazing, very sweet. The smell is very strong.
The taste was also stronger than expected. I can see why somebody who enjoys a more mild tea would find it a little too over powering. But I truly love a strong tea, especially anything that is fruity or sweet.

After reading the notes that other people had posted I was sort of afraid to try it. But it was one of the teas my dad got me for Christmas, and lucky I very much enjoyed it.

As usual, I drank it with one Splenda.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Orange Pekoe by Tetley
23 tasting notes

This is what we call " Nan tea" in Newfoundland, it’s basically the only tea the older people drink here, and the only orange pekoe they’ll drink is the Tetley. I grew up with this tea and as a child I assumed that this was the only tea available.
Since being home I’ve spent a great deal of time with my nan. One thing we have in common is drinking Tetley Orange Pekoe. I drank it the only way I have for years, with canned milk and sugar twin.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

I try to explain to my friends here on the mainland why I always ask for ‘fresh milk’ when I order tea.. because home in NL people always assume canned! And I also grew up drinking ‘nan tea’.. at 3 years old my nan is letting me sip it out of her cup.. so comforting now, though not as tasty as most teas!

Megan Parrell

I actually only enjoy canned milk in my orange pekoe, I drink everything else without milk. You are entirely right, it is quite comforting.

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Not too bad!
It just may get me through until I get back home after Christmas.

Mildly spicy, had the chai taste but is not really up to the standards that I’m accustomed to.
I boiled the water and drank it with one splenda.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention, and forgot the take the bag out and by the end of it, the tea was quite bitter.


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drank Whisky White by DAVIDsTEA
23 tasting notes

Yet another one of David’s Tea that I love.

I found this tea to be very mellow, but could definitely taste the whiskey, and the macadamia and who doesn’t like a macadamia nut cookie? I tried it with some honey, for some reason I feel like this tea should taste a little sweet.

I’d almost like to try this as an iced tea.

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I’m a twenty-one year old religious studies student at Memorial University. Slightly insane, and can talk for years on anything, I enjoy woollen mittens, glasses that cover 46%-52% of my face, and cows. I really like to knit and sew when I get the chance, I’ve recently developed a love of making/wearing large hairbows. I love the 20’s the hair the clothes, the cigarette holders (even if i don’t smoke) Oh and tea, tea is just dandy.

Rating system;
Absolutely in love, this tea will be added to my regulars.

I’ll totally drink it again, may buy it here and there, depending on my mood.


Dump out for sure.





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