This cake belongs to the Yi Chang Hao range of Changtai cakes.

This one was produced back in 2005 using material from the Bulang mountain in Menghai county, eastern Xishuangbanna. The additional name Lao Chen de Cha simply means Old Mr. Chen’s tea referring to Changtai’s chairman. Some research i did on this cake indicates it’s a blend of wild arbor and semi-wild arbor material.

The leafs are yellowish brown in color and appear to be of nice quality. The leafs are small to medium small sized and many are covered with nice down.

It yields a brown-yellow colored liquid which carries a thick and dense aroma. The basic character is dry and woody but there’s also some sweet juiciness which I associate with younger sheng pu’er. It leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of tobacco floating on the palate.

The qi is not very noticeable and in total i don’t find this is a particularly memorable tea. However, it is of decent quality and i can therefore still recommend it to friends of robust tasting teas.

Review with pictures can be found here: (in finnish)

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First a tea hobbyist and then a founder of the chinese tea store Teepolku. My prime passion are chinese style teas and teaware.

I taste lots and lots of teas and have tried to develop for myself a consistent rating system. Here’s how to interpret my ratings here:

20 – It looks suspicious and lacks the characteristic features of it’s kind. There are unpleasant flaws in the taste profile that overcome any positive sides.
40 – It has some of the characteristic features of it’s kind but there are also flaws. The leafs seem technically to be of acceptable quality. It can be difficult to infuse but when you get it right, it is pleasant to drink.
60 – It clearly possesses characteristic features of it’s kind. Technically the tea is of good quality. There can be flaws in the taste profile but these are not of the disturbing type but rather something that is missing from what one can find in excellent teas. The tea is not difficult to infuse.
80 – The tea is a representative sample of it’s kind. It is technically flawless and of high quality. The taste profile is unusually fine and there are no flaws. The tea works even if the infusion deviates reasonably from the recommendation.
100 – It is at the very peak of it’s kind. It is technically unusually well finished and of excellent quality. The taste profile is also unusually fine and offers insights into it’s kind. It is flexible to infuse. It is an experience that transcends taste and aroma.


Turku, Western Finland, Finland



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