24 Tasting Notes


I noticed that all the postings are about how this tea tastes hot and since it is summer time, I thought I would try this tea chilled. I recently went on a tea shopping spree and wanted to try a good “roasted green tea.” I steeped a strong amount of this roasted tea in 175 degree water and let it cool. Then I added cold water and ice.

After refrigerating it, I enjoyed as a nice refreshing afternoon drink! I liked it a lot it was a toasty flavor (still despite the cooler temperature) that reminded me of barley tea that I used to drink in Korea. All in all I though this was a nice variation on a normally “wintery” drink.


Thanks for the recommendation! I will try this for the weekend!

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So I have been trying to find different ways to incorporate tea into cocktails and I came upon this “strawberry margarita” flavored tea. I know I should have been weary of it, but the fact that it was made out of Orange pekoe and black teas sold me.

I tried it today over ice with a dash of honey. It was lovely. Basically tasted like a virgin margarita. Although I enjoyed it overall, I felt like the flavor was a bit artificial and would have been better with a splash of alcohol…

4 min, 15 sec

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drank Berry White by Tempest
24 tasting notes

I bought this tea hoping for a cup of tea that is fragrant yet strong. I did not really get any berry flavory at all and it tasted more like a strong white tea.

I would not recommend getting this if you are looking for something fruity.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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drank Strawberry & Vanilla by Lupicia
24 tasting notes

the first thing that i noticed and loved was the packaging, which had steeping time recommendations as well as brewing tips. then when i opened the package, i felt like someone was cutting strawberries on a spring day with the sunlight streaming in. in short the smell was heavenly! beyond the smell you could tell that the quality of the tea was ideal as the leaves were not too dry and there were full (not crushed) rose petals.

i brewed this tea after a heavy brunch and the green tea with hint of rose with vanilla (which gave it the fruity taste) was a perfect way to clean the leftover taste of potatoes and eggs.

although it is recommended to be enjoyed with milk i loved the tea simply with water.

3 min, 45 sec

you just inspired me to bust out my sample and try it, thanks!

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i have traveled all my life, but the one constant food/drink that has followed me around is tea. now that i am settling down in new york city (settling down meaning for a few years), i have an urge to somehow record and remember all the cups of tea and my thoughts around them.

as i have been lucky to try a diverse range of teas from around the world, my ratings are a bit tough… but they are honest. i always prefer loose leaf teas (as the leaf quality is better) and my favorite pure tea has to be green tea. i enjoy a good blend but it has to be creative!

here are my ranks:

1-10: why is this even labeled as tea?

11-20: okay, at least there is some effort

21-40: i would drink it if there was nothing else in my fridge

41-60: good but not holding my attention.

61-70: flavor and aroma are distracting me in a good way!

71-90: delicious! i come back for a second round

91-100: too good to read while drinking. addicting. like a secret that i want to keep or tell the world. that is how good this tea is!


new york city

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