So I got this tea in my $5 Verdant tea tester box. I just got done steeping it but I’m a little worried, my instructions said to steep in just under boiling water for 30 seconds. I see lots of people steeping theirs at 175. Hmmm, hopefully this will still turn out good.

To me, jasmine doesn’t smell very floral. It’s distinctive, but I’m not sure I have a word or description that I can form from what my brain is processing. I have a love of all things rose, so I’m definitely not shy about floral teas. Well, floral anything for that matter. I had a rose ice cream once and it was absolutely wonderful!

I think I had a jasmine tea a while back, before steepster when I was just starting to try loose leaf teas. I don’t think I liked it very much, so I was intimidated trying this. It’s just now cooled down enough to sip and I must say that whatever nightmare I might have tested in the past has been washed away by this sample today.

The jasmine is not overpowering in the taste, though by the smell I thought it might be. Still not sure what my take is on jasmine teas, they just don’t give me that excitement like rose does. I plan on trying one in a green tea for sure, maybe some pearls.

Steep #1: Smells abundantly like jasmine, but the taste is delicate. No chemical/soapy aftertaste at all. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the tea is a white, but I’m feeling like the rest of the body of the tea isn’t strong enough to carry this jasmine. It needs… a little more. (That’s why I’d like to try a green jasmine.) I wish I had enough to try iced.

Steep #2: Still the heavy (but wonderful) scent of jasmine. Steeped this a little longer, about 1:15 or so. The first steep was about 45 seconds. The jasmine in the sip has calmed down a little, which brings the actual tea a little more to the front. I’m enjoying this cup more than the first I think. This really makes me want to join their monthly tea club. I think it would help me refine my tea tastings.

Steep #3: Whoops! This was a lot longer of a steep… around 5 minutes. The color is still much lighter than the first though. Not sure if this should be my last steep or not, it’s a little light. Getting more jasmine this time, odd. This is the first hint of green I’ve tasted in this cup though, I like it!

Steep #4: Not expecting much out of this one, but I’m going to steep it extra long and experiment. Yep, this is the last steeping. Still getting jasmine scent and faint taste though. Something else coming out at the end, but it’s giving me a dry taste in my mouth. Is this the pine? I’m not sure. Actually clearing my sinuses a bit. Haha. Overall, this was one long cup of tea through the steepings! But I enjoyed it.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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Bio – TBD :)

Right now I’m trying to limit my intake of caffeine, so I’m focusing on rooibos and herbals, with a small amount of white or green thrown in here and there!

I love all things rose! Rose tea is wonderful!

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