440 Tasting Notes

drank Chai Guarana by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

Apparently a year means my tastes have totally flipflopped. Last year I tried this one and loved it, while totally disliking Saigon Chai (also from Davids). Now it is completely reverse. I got a bunch of chais to try and find the one that’ll get me through the winter and I’m pretty sure this one is not a strong candidate. I’m on a total latte kick and while this one definitely is strong enough to handle the milk, I didn’t find myself craving a second mug like I do with some of my other chais. Lowering the rating accordingly.

Also for those of you on twitter, I recently started up a feed over there for what I’m drinking. I don’t always get a chance to review but I find it fun to see what others are drinking and thought other people might be the same!


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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

My first impression of this one was meh. But the girls told me to try it as a latte and BAM, there’s my cookie dough. As a slightly sweetened latte it tastes exactly like the raw chocolate chip dough that Pillsbury sells in their tubes. I was really hoping I didn’t have to stock up on any of this seasons but now . . . . I’m doomed.

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drank Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

The girls at my store when I got this today said it was hands down the favourite of the staff from this winter collection. But one girl had a caveat, even though she liked it she got a Bravissimo flavour from it. Curious, this was my first tea to try when I got home with my new hoard.

Dry, this smells exactly like its name, coconut with spearmint and a bit of a creamy undertone. Like mint chip ice cream. Sounds delicious, right? I was definitely eager to sip in.

After brew, my first sips? Definitely Bravissimo. I had to go back and check the ingredients to see if there was anise or fennel or even lemongrass in here. Not seeing any of the above, I determinedly kept sipping. As my cup cooled the mint came out more and the fennel-like aspects fell to the background. It isn’t my favourite tea, but I wouldn’t hesitate to offer it to a mint ice cream lover, either. Even after brewing that’s the dominant smell of both the tea and the soaked leaves.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Kanpe Tea by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

How have I not reviewed this before? I could have sworn I had. Anyways . . .

Hot? This sucker is cherry pie fresh from the oven. Especially with a couple drops of agave. I still haven’t figured out how I can love a tea so based with hibiscus this much, but even when I ran out it wasn’t long before I was restocking. I’ve had it iced as well, and it is lovely, but for me this one is meant to be hot. And with pie. Dang, now I want pie.

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I’ve been trying to sip down the teas that I am not in love with, or have little of, in the hopes of getting down to a core collection of fifty teas or so. This has meant a lull in drinking teas I adore, as well as being inspired to log any that I drink. I’ve managed to finish about 30 teas or so, and am rewarding myself with a week of sipping only my favourites, which this is one. I adore all things blueberry, and this tea is packed full of them and their flavour. I love it black, but when you add a dash of sweetener, you actually do get the jam flavour of its name. I still love this tea like mad and am glad its in the permanent collection.

In other news, I’m thinking of starting up a travelling tea box. Would anyone in these parts be interested in playing along?


What is a traveling tea box?

Tina S.

Someone (this time me) would create a box of 10-12 teas and mail it out to person number one. They would take out the teas that are interesting to them, replace them with other teas, and send the box to the next person on the list. Person two would repeat, until the list is complete and the box returns to me, hopefully with a lot of new teas!



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drank Chai Spice by The Tea Haus
440 tasting notes

I love this combination of spices for a chai. I always keep some of this on hand to blend with anything and everything. Its got a great flavour with spice and a dash of sweet. Definitely something I’m going to try tea cooking with now that I’m dabbling in that.

Silent Kettle

I also really enjoyed this spicy tea! Looking forward to ordering a larger bag once I finish my 25 gram one! :)

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I’ve been craving a simple and easy orange pekoe for iced tea lately, and didn’t feel that I needed to invest in a quality brand since I’m going to be drinking it almost like water. I got a bag of 100 bags for 2.50, so this definitely fit the price point.

Flavour wise, nothing spectacular, but it isn’t bad either. It met my expectations.

Off topic, who else is on Pinterest? I’d love to connect over there :)

Autistic Goblin

I’m on pinterest! my username is aedon2 Just be sure to remind me your a steepster buddy and I’ll add you :D


The SororiTea Sisters is on Pinterest, although, I must admit that I have not been there for at least a month probably longer. :( Just been busy with other stuff.

Daisy Chubb

oo I’m on Pinterest! It’s crazy addicting. Addictive? Anyways, here is moi http://pinterest.com/daisychubb/

Tina S.

Woot! I’ve added all three of you. I’m librariantee.

Tina S.

Ashmanra, are you under the same name over there?

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Another tea from the Green Teahouse that calls itself a black but is almost entirely rooibos. The caramel here is strong, and strangely not fake tasting. It was lovely to be able to get two steeps out of a rooibos as well, so that the second cup got the full effect of the black pearls. The first cup was almost too caramel, but the second was much more balanced and actually had hints of tea to it. I won’t be refilling on this one, but I could see myself enjoying it in a latte.

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Tonight I’d been sitting at the computer too long and decided that making a cup wasn’t going to take long enough. So I decided to try stovetop chai again, this time with my favourite chai tea. Whereas last time it was still runny and slightly burnt, this time it was so thick I couldn’t strain it in even my most lenient strainer. It tasted delicious, rich and creamy and like a dessert in a cup. But I think I may have made it just a little too well . . .

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
440 tasting notes

So my Saturday plans for the day were all cancelled, and I was ambitious. I tried doing this one on the stovetop. Little did I know how much of a horror it would be to clean up after letting the pot boil over. Oops.

The tea itself surprised me. I’ve always really liked how this one brewed tastes different to me than what I’d expect from the dry leaf. I get more of the spices and less of the stronger notes. I expected some difference in a stovetop brew but it tasted exactly like it smells dry. Exactly. Still not sure how I feel about that, but for my first stovetop chai attempt it was fairly successful. Cleanup on the other hand . . .

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An avid tea addict in the GTA, Ontario, Canada. I’m always looking for new teas and new tea addicted friends!

My preference is loose leaf of all varieties, however the occasional bagged tea can come along and charm me. Flavoured or straight, there is a good chance that I will be falling in love.


My ratings system is based on the smiley faces above the ratings scale.

0-10 — This tea didn’t get past the initial sip process. I just couldn’t bring myself to drink more, I found it so horrible.

11-50 — It made it past first sips, but as I drank a bit more I realized I really wasn’t enjoying the tea, and would never drink it again.

51-60 — I probably made it through the cup, but won’t be trying another one.

61-69 — Either it’s a mystery tea and I can’t decide if I like it or not, or it is one that I felt was purely adequate.

70-85 — These are the teas that I appreciate and/or like. If they are falling in this area they are ones that I would definitely re-buy, however are not ones that I must always have on hand. The good, but not the amazing.

86-94 — These are the favourites. My cupboard feels empty if they aren’t inside.

95-100 — Tea perfection!


GTA, Ontario, Canada

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