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After having this yesterday, I made a pitcher of it iced and sweetened (I’m from the south, afterall). However, it’s too sweet! I think next time I’ll make a pitcher of it plain and see how that does…

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drank Monks Blend by Tealuxe
828 tasting notes

So, I made a cup of this earlier today, and based on the recommendation of AmyB I added milk and sweetener (of the soy and agave variety). It was better than plain, and struck me as a tea that might be good for a younger person curious about tea. Yum!


That’s funny…at least once during the spring I try to serve tea to my fifth grade girls at church (provides a nice atmosphere for just some talking time, and it’s fun to watch them experiment) and I was thinking Monks Blend might be a good choice.


That sounds perfect! Nearly exactly the scenario I was imagining. :)


Hi Lauren. So happy you had a good experience with the added soy and agave. Some of those black teas need a little nurturing to tamper the bitter and bring out the flavor that’s hidden underneath. I have to drink pretty much all of my black teas this way to enjoy more fully (but it is a personal preference). Monks blend is a fun tea though! :)

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After the weirdness with the French Breakfast tea this morning, I wanted to give a full cup of something a try. So, I made a cup of this.

I bought this maybe six months ago on an Ikea outing. My husband loves rhubarb, so I thought it might convert him to tea. Since we hadn’t opened it until this morning, my plan obviously didn’t work. :) It’s a nice cup. The vanilla stands out more than the rhubarb. I added a bit of agave nectar, which really rounded out the flavors.

It has a “best by” date of a few weeks from now, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish it all. But I’ll certainly be trying to get a few more cups in before then. I might even try this to make a pitcher of sweet tea now that we’re entering warmer weather….

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Another weekend, another Golden Moon Tea! See pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lauren_pressley/tags/frenchbreakfast/show/

This was a good black tea! It’s lighter than English Breakfast (in taste and color), has a hint of something floral to it, and kindof reminds me of yesterday’s Darjeeling.

Unfortunately there was a little speck of turquoise something in it, which I pulled out prior to steeping, but it kept me from fully enjoying the tea. Maybe I’ll give it another go in the future. Despite that, the part that I tasted was quite good.


Oh yuck…hopefully it was just a piece of packaging or something!


I’m sure it was… the tea didn’t seem affected at all… it just creeped me out a bit. :)


I’d send them an email. They should be notified of this, and maybe they can even help you identify what it was. BOO for not being able to fully enjoy the tea.

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I’d not paid attention to if I’d had a darjeeling tea before, so I figured I’d get a cup of this with lunch to see if I could note anything of interest. Luckily, the place that I had lunch at is skilled in the ways of tea making, and actually uses a timer to make sure things steep correctly before serving it!

The tea was good. Lighter than other black teas, floral notes, mild, with very little astringency. I know Adagio offers several darjeelings, so I’d like to try samples of the different ones at some point to learn what the commonalities are between darjeelings. That, and I want to try samples of other black teas to learn more about regions, etc, and to know more about a black tea by taste. All that is to come in the future, though….


I wonder how this compares to their “Ooooh Darjeeling”. Similar name, similar flavor and aroma profiles?

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This tea is growing on me. The coconut is the thing that puts it over the edge, I think. I made a large cup (I think the mug really holds two cups), and used 2.5 teaspoons of tea. Delicious tea for an afternoon meeting!

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Had a teabag of this left over from a trip we took to New Mexico. It was exactly what I expected it to be.

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I’ve been into tea, at some level, since college with a first tin of loose tea brought back by my parents from Oxford. My love of tea increased with a visit to Boston and a chance cup at Tealuxe. Since then I’ve only gotten more interested in tea and have developed more of an appreciation for it.

tea rating guide
(updated 12/2010)

100: a perfect cuppa. these are the teas I’ll keep in my cupboard and tend to be one per type of tea.

90-99: will definitely get more of this tea

80-89: likely to get more and perhaps it will become a favorite with time

70-79: very good, depending on my mood or the season

60-69: wouldn’t actively try to get this tea, but also wouldn’t avoid it in a tea shop or restaurant

50-59: run-of-the-mill tea for me

40-49: decent, would hit the spot in some moods, but probably wouldn’t purchase it for my cupboard

30-39: okay, will try again, maybe

20-29: meh. I’d try this tea again if no other were available

10-19: drinkable, but a forced cup

0-9: didn’t even finish the cup


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