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Tea 6/6 of the Rooibos tea collection I got from Steeped Tea. I brewed it up as a latte: 10 tsp of tea in 1 cup of boiling water with a little bit of vanilla agave. Steeped for about 4.5 min, then mixed with frothed milk.

So, I didn’t get into this with my tasting note of the Cherry Pie tea from this collection, but both Cherry Pie and this tea have this strong flavouring that’s kind of fruity/almondy. Both teas claim to have no artificial flouring, but if it weren’t for that I would ave said most certainly that these teas have artificial flavouring. It’s weird because I can’t quite put my finger on what that flavouring is, but it’s the strongest taste in both this tea and Cherry Pie.
With that being said, this is quite a good tea latte. I’m getting that flavouring and also some almond notes at the end. I just can’t get over the fact of how strangely strong the flavouring is while I don’t quite know what it is.

Overall I might buy this again; it is quite tasty, but I also feel like I have better teas too in which I can actually pick out the flavours. Overall, here’s my impression of the rest of the collection:

Toffee Crunch- Amazing as a latte; favourite tea of this collection- would absolutely purchase again
Pina Colada- Really good as a latte; would purchase again
Cherry Pie- okay tea, best as an iced tea. Really strong flavouring that turns me off and I don’t care for it as a latte.
Creme Caramello- Disappointing; weak flavour, would not re purchase
Vanilla Cupcake- Disappointing; weak flavour, would not re purchase

Overall it’s been nice trying a whole new collection out for the first time in a while :)

Flavors: Almond

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 10 tsp

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I used to drink coffee, but it started to hurt my stomach so I switched to tea. A friend of mine introduced me to DAVID’s TEA and I couldn’t stop after that! I’ve now been expanding my scope beyond DAVIDs away from “candy-like teas” into more natural teas or flavourings. Current favourite stores include International House of Tea (iHOT) and Verdant Tea.

When it comes to tea ratings, I usually only ever rate them once. I know a lot of people on steepster do many tasting notes for the same teas depending on their mood, but I prefer to rate once and if my opinion changes, I will delete the old note and rate again. How I rate teas goes as following:

1-49: Teas I won’t buy again. Either the taste is disgusting to me, or it’s too bland, etc. I’m most likely not even going to finish the tin/bag.

50-59: Teas I wouldn’t buy again; I have to force myself to drink the whole cup to not waste it.

60-69: I’ll finish the cup and even the bag/tin, but I wouldn’t buy these teas again. Teas of this rating are “lacking something”.

70-79:Teas that are pretty good and ones I might buy again. Usually these teas are ones I have to be “in the mood for” and drink occasionally.

80-89: Great teas! Ones I will drink several times a week and often have in my stash :).

90-100: Favourite must-have teas!

My favourite types of tea are green tea and different types of “natural” herbal tea (different herbs, natural flavourings, etc). I cannot drink black or oolong teas due a sensitive stomach. I don’t really go for white tea due to its cost and the fact that it has just a little caffeine (if I want caffeine I’ll just go for a green tea and if I don’t I’ll go for a herbal-no sense on just having a little caffeine). I also like to do iced teas in the summer time, and then I’ll gravitate towards herbal fruit blends that are bagged to cut costs and convenience (it’s easier to throw out bags than clean a filter). Flavours I don’t care for include anything too tart, bitter, artificial, overly spicy or overly sweet.
Also, when I have time (usually when I’m not working much) I like to make tea lattes out of different rooibos blends.

My everyday green tea is Gunpowder since it is strong and not sensitive to temperatures or steeping time which is something I cannot be bothered with when I’m getting ready for work. Other greens I enjoy are dragonwell, sencha, and different Chinese greens. I’m not the biggest fan of yunnan greens since they are so finicky (although I do like gyokuro)

On a day to day basis I usually have 2-3 cups of green tea and several more cups of different herbal blends.

Besides tea I also work at a couple libraries (I am finishing my library tech diploma),am in my early 20s and got married in Oct 2014.


Northwestern Ontario

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