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I would have never guessed that I could enjoy fruit flavoured black tea.
I will enjoy finishing this sample from the “Afternoon Teas” set which doesn’t hold true for most of the other teas it contains. Yet I would probably not buy a whole tin of it but rather take this as an inspiration to search for my ultimate fruit flavoured black tea (Mariage Frères’ MARCO POLO is high in the game).

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I gave it away after trying, what else is there to say? Hm, maybe out of fairness: The friend I gave it to seems to really like it!
For me it’s just too soapy. If I want an Earl Grey, I’ll just have an Earl Grey.

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It’s good to have this in the house for my friends from New Zealand, it’s what they call a good cup of tea (reminds them of home and visits to the UK I guess) and I agree – sort of. It feels like camping: simple, but good.
Why bother with the fancy stuff if all you want is a taste of home! I am glad I found this at the asian shop. My Rating is not higher because I am not rating the nostalgic feeling this may trigger, and it’s not lower because it’s just comforting to have this tea from time to time, who knows why!

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I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying a cup of this right now after a few days of going astray tasting KUSMI stuff that just doesn’t do it for me (I do like the Four Red Fruit one though!). This Keemun is a wonderful, subtle and smooth tea that I wouldn’t ever think of adding flavour to…

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Berlin Café MELT CARAMEL: i was told about a Café that serves mariage frères and when i went i realized they only had one tea: the Marco Polo.
As i usually never drink flavored tea i was very sceptical but gave it a try. It is wonderful. There is something salty in there that goes great with the sweetness. I like the boldness of only offering one black tea and appreciate the excellent choice.

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