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Nothing as a nice jasmine tea for the evening, of course is not the best one neither the most expensive, but is just the right tea to drink in evening as right now. Its one of thoose “daily teas” all tea lover need and should have in their cupboard. :) happy day to all :D

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Well the funny thing about me drinking this tea now is that im having a fight with my boyfriend at the time i drink it, so at the point of the discussion in which you want to explode, suddenly i turn to my tea cup looking for a answer and i see the tea tag that says “anyways shaving was terrible” and i started to laugh so much i forgot why i was mad.

Besides all that the tea is good, i had taken other black teas a little stronger but this one is good, i liked it quite much and i recommend to buy it for its good flavor but also for the funny tea tags

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This nice wooden box I bought in a japanese store about this premium sencha its something to talk about. As my nose detected the smell of the Sencha i knew it was a quality tea, the smell is something to remember, a little spicy and a little sweet, has that perfect sense of humor the green teas have, the mixture.
I had bad experiences with other normal sencha teas that taste too much to seaweed or it dont taste at all, but in this case, it was great. In the aroma you can perfectly smell that characteristic thing of all sencha and when you try it i promise it would be a green tea that will warm your soul a little :) i reccomend it.

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Yesterday I decided to celebrate that rain came by to visit the city which hadnt see any drop of water since 5 months ago. I grabbed my small practical white teapot and try my new vietnam tea. As i opened the cold metal box the strong fresh jasmine aroma filled my nose! I could see, touch and smell that the tea has great quality and his taste would be much better than any commercial easy try jasmine flavor, just like the twinings one which i love. As the tea started to appear in the water, another proof of his quality was the fact that the color and the smell was consistent, very good. And let me tell you the flavor is very good, deserves his price, but i had found better, anyways let me remind you the tea in fact its very good and i strongly recommended for jasmine tea lovers, this one worths the price.

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drank Coco Truffle by Tea Forte
18 tasting notes

I found this sweet peculiar tea by getting the “dolce vita” dessert teas collection from forte. As i read the box with other strange but atractive tea flavors, when i saw this one i refused in my mind that it would taste good at all to me (since i hate coco:/). Thank God one day i was distracted by choosing my tea from this cute purple box the collection has, and i grabbed the coco truffle one.
The aroma is such a pleasure !!!! neither too soft neither too strong, has a perfect combination!! Brings so much sweet memories while drinking it, its one of thoose teas that will make you happy. Another good thing about this tea is that it is sweet but not enough for you to say “no to sweet snacks”, you can mix it with nice cookies (but not cream ones, perhaps italian cookies, some european style of cookies, not so fancy as the french ones but simple as the english) and it will be a pleasure for your mouth, i assure you. :)

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Forte, being a nice quality brand for special collection tea’s, surprised me with this nice tea with a strong but sweet aroma of cinnamon. The tea, in fact, is very good, fresh and strong for someone (like me) that loves green tea. By the second drink from the cup, I was feeling this spicy taste and my nose was exhausted from the strong aroma this tea have, something similar that happends with aromatic teas such as earl grey. Besides all that, this tea is distinguished by his quality taste, but personally (being a green tea lover) i do not like it so much.

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I love this brand of tea since its a quality tea and not expensive for their taste. Its easy to buy them and has a “daily cup” flavor. For daily kinds of tea (not special cups, just drinking the pure tea) this flavor from twinings its very soft if well prepared cause it mix the sweet floral aroma and taste with the bitter of green teas. But its a very delicate tea cause if its left for few time more than it should…it will end tasting horribly bitter.

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From all my collection of english breakfast tea, this is one of the best ones. Its easy to find in stores, not expensive to be a quality tea and the flavor makes harmony between the strong taste of black tea and a lovevly refreshing touch. Personally i truly recommend this kind of tea to be consumed while a tender little sweet snack perhaps, not so sweet cause it will ruin the classic flavor of the traditional english black tea.

175 °F / 79 °C

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