Tea was pressed in 2015 year by TongAnHang from HongKong.
Properly compressed disc cake which can be broken apart by hands. Hairy threads have fermented flavor because of RuCang(入仓) which accelerates the aging of sheng puerh tea by manually controlled humidity and temperature and storage time in different stages can be long or short.
Mellow, even the bitterness after heavy steeped infusion is not brisk.
Rich tea soup contains many tiny hairs dropped off from threads.
Fragrance is on a low level ever on cold cup or cap of GaiWan.

My kid asked me that after her sip of puerh tea,
“Why does it taste so bitter firstly, but then it turns to sweetness? "
The answer diversifies some time, especially from different persons, doesn’t it?
Tea farmer: Yeah. HuiGan, ahahaha
Tea vendor: Sure. Beautiful HuiGan and it lingers long time in aftertaste.
Tea lover: Interesting. Any more additional description?
Tea addict: Wow. I feel thirsty again.
Tea scientist: No wonder. Bitterness is from caffeine, tea polyphenols and tannin. Sweetness is from monose, oligose and amino acid etc.
Philosopher: Sweetness usually comes after bitterness, but bitterness is not always followed by sweetness.
Pastor: Tribulation is temporary and there will be eternal life in heaven.
Tea skeptic: It must be fake tea or bad storage. What I have experienced classical taste of puerh tea is different from this one. No matter what you guys say. Anyway, I’m confident on my judgement. Bad experience.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 6 tsp 80 OZ / 2365 ML

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A tea seller from China.
A FQA of our price and authenticity. (Others are on my site https://www.kingteamall.com/fqa/)
Q: Why your prices are lower than many others especially on factory tea like DaYi, XiaGuan and etc?  You are selling fake tea or unknown resource tea?

A: Mainly we set our product price according to price from our suppliers including dealers of each factory and sub-dealers who can supply us tea on wholesale price not on retail price.

e.g. DaYi tea’s price is open and frequently updated on site of DongHeTea(东和茶业).  Most these prices are just wholesale price of carton(件jian).  2018 year 1801-7542’s retail price set as RMB 198/pcs by DaYi. The wholesale price on DongHeTea is RMB5700/ carton. It means  wholesale price will be around RMB135.7/pcs.  If we can get this tea on cost of RMB150, then our gross merit will be RMB48. But if we can get this tea from our wholesaler on RMB160/pcs, and we still resell that on our site as RMB198, then we can get gross merit of RMB38.

We call it gross merit because there are others costs including paypal commission of near 5% and packaging materials cost etc.

Also we are supplying “Point and Reward”, so our customer can get nearly 10% discount on every order. So what we can get on every tea is nearly 85% of the price.

But we insist that reasonable service should be supported by reasonable merit. So we are trying our best to keep our price on a good level both to customer and ourselves then we can keep our business going forward and live a life of our family. 

*sub-dealers are main wholesale tea traders in market. They can’t get tea directly from factory but also they have freedom to purchase which tea from dealers of each factory. Some of them just purchase and resell tea on carton(件jian) and don’t supply tea general consumers. But some others don’t just purchase and resell tea on carton but also resell tea to general consumer or other retailers like us.

Looking forward to communicate with you here or other places as below:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.kingtea
Twitter: https://twitter.com/john_kingtea
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john_kingtea/
VK: https://vk.com/kingteamall


Guangzhou city, China



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