I love this Kettle.
Though, I do admit it is my first electric kettle, before it I was heating water and taking its temp on a stove top.
I find this kettle very user friendly and so far temps are accurate.
I use it roughly 3-6 times daily and have had for about 4 months now.
The only con I have found is the actually cleaning of the kettle.
It can not be immersed,so weekly I boil water with white vinegar in it to remove the water deposit that gathers in there (I have harder water) then boil plain water again and dump it before making my tea.
Clean the outside with a damp cloth.
But, I do not think that really puts a damper on how wonderful this kettle is!
Love it!


This looks pretty nice! :)

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This looks pretty nice! :)

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A Farmer’s Wife who drinks her tea to forget the din of the world.
Love all tea, from black to herbal concoctions.
Usually start my day with black tea and then move on to Oolong or Green in the afternoon, then finish the day with a tisane.
Loose Leaf teas are my preference, I say “Free the Leaves!” :)
When I am not drinking tea, I enjoy knitting, baking, reading, playing with one of our rescue animals or working along side my husband on our farm.

My rating system is rather relaxed:
50’s or under- Um, is this tea or did I get this from the slop bucket?
60’s- Not really my thing, certainly will not be purchasing again.
70’s- I will give this tea a few more tries to see if it grows on me , right now it is okay but not thrilling me.
80’s- Like this tea a lot. It might be a tea that I have to be in a certain mood for and therefore not a daily drinker, but try to have on hand for those “moods”
90’s and higher- ADORE! Will never be without!

I most always drink my tea plain.
No sweeteners or milk/cream.



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