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Backlog – sipdown 4/29
Finishing a autumn flavored tea in the spring. Cinnamon aroma
2min, 212F
cream, apple cinnamon, very fall sort of tea

not much flavor in the tea though – this sipdown had a lot of tea dust. Previous cups were better.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Cream

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Backlog – sorry.
I thought this was a black tea….oops.
5g 210F 2min
sweet, vegetal

5g 195F
greener, thick, coating, earthy citrus aftertaste
These notes make more sense it this is a pu-erh.
It’s not a tea for me – a little too green and earthy.

Flavors: Citrus, Earth, Green, Sweet, Thick, Vegetal


It’s been a long time since I finished my sample of this. At the time, it reminded me of a jade oolong.

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Pretty flowery – orchid. Well scented, but otherwise a pretty unremarkable oolong. Probably not something I’d purchase on my own, but it was nice to try.

Flavors: Orchid

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drank Da Hong Pao by Floating Leaves
527 tasting notes

Sipdown. I don’t remember too much about this tea. I finished it off at work a couple of weeks ago. Minerally, a hint of sweetness/fruit, roasted.
Not a repurchase for me.

Flavors: Mineral, Roasted

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Sipdown. I brought this to work to finish off and have liked it better.
Once steeped, leaves are big and intact.
Taste is plum and fruity, sugarcane sweetness with a full mouthfeel and thick body. Juicy. The sugarcane really lingers in the aftertaste.
Thanks for sharing Daylon R Thomas!

Flavors: Fruity, Plum, Sugarcane, Thick

Daylon R Thomas

That one slowly grew on me. I think it needed age to settle lol. I am so glad it was at least a decent work tea.


I needed to steep it at a lower temperature. I’m looking forward to trying the GABA black once I find it in my stash.

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Sipdow @work.
Panda pearls – small rolled balls of tea. Might be white, might be green, I’m not sure. Kind of thick body, little bit of fruit, sweetness. Reminds me of green tea due to the subtle taste, but it’s been open to air for a while too…. Flavor is a little to subtle for me. I like the taste to be more forward. 70

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Thick

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drank Auburn Black by white2tea
527 tasting notes

For the Auburn Black 1st flush – from the White2Tea club.
Sipdown, 7g, 212F, 2min
I thought this was kind of flat. Did I overleaf, probably? I just got a lot of malt from this. I didn’t get any variation from it at all. I think I like the other flush better.

Flavors: Malt

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Sipdown. May 2016
2min, 200F
Still as good as ever – malt, honey chocolate
Very good Chinese black, did not want it to end. Steeped at least one more time before I said goodbye.

Flavors: Chocolate, Honey, Malt

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Sipdown. I wanted to wait until I had milk since it needed it last time. But I didn’t end up using any.
It’s retained flavoring really well as this is old. Whiskey, honey, creamy.
200F, 2min – no milk, it’s pretty underleafed – not enough left.
This might be the best this tea has ever tasted. Maybe the age smoothed out the astringency I was getting from the Ceylon? I don’t know. I really enjoyed this cup of tea, but it won’t be a repurchase.

Flavors: Cream, Honey, Whiskey

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The other one – Roasted Dragonwell. Experimental Liquid Proust from May 2016.
2min, 180F – roasted, hint of sweetness, sour nuts – light. Kind of a bad aftertaste.

I’m making progress on both drinking down my green tea and avoiding adding too many more teas to my stash!

Flavors: Nuts, Roasted, Sour, Sweet

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I started my tea journey with Stash/Celestial Seasonings tea bags years ago. All loose leaf, unless I’m sick or traveling.

I like black, oolong, white, herbals, and raw/ripe pu’erh. I don’t drink green tea often.

I play video games, read, and do pottery. My current favorite tea mug is one I threw and glazed.

I generally review teas twice – initial and final steeps.

My cupboard is completely out of date. I have a spreadsheet (it’s current!!!) that’s over 300 teas. Pretty equal amounts of black, white, oolong, raw, & ripe with a little bit of green/herbal.

85-100 are teas that I loved and want to keep in stock.
71-84 are teas that are good. I may or may not get them again. Source for daily drinkers/work teas.
60-70 are teas that I didn’t like. I’ll finish what I bought.
Anything less than 60…nope.



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