527 Tasting Notes

Roasted Sencha – received from Liquid Proust at the 2016 Midwest Teafest as an experiment.
2min, 180F – roast, sweet sour chestnuts, green arugula, drying and coating.
It’s interesting and of the two (this and roasted dragonwell), I like this one better.


Flavors: Chestnut, Green Apple, Lettuce, Nuts, Roasted, Sour

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Another from the swap with DelightfulKiwi – sorry that I took so long to drink this. Same age as the last tea, with the same rate of deterioration of the tea.
The whole sample at 185F, 1:30.
Light taste, light color, light green something – I am unable to determine what this tastes like. Lettuce? Bok choi or cabbage?
No rating due to age.

Flavors: Green, Lettuce

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From a swap in 2016 with DelighfulKiwi
Sipdown. I used the whole amount sent. 5g
I’m far past the best time for this tea as the leaves are more grey than green.
190F, 1min – green, small lingering sweetness, muted hint of nut, but unfortunately most of the flavor is gone due to age.
no rating

Flavors: Green, Nuts

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4/14 backlog, sipdown.
The white tea that looks like a black tea. I’m far past the best use date for this tea (it’s from 2014), but it’s aged well.
2min, 212F – caramel malt
I got at least one or two more steeps from this and the taste was consistent throughout.

Flavors: Caramel, Malt

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4/9 backlog, sipdown
Strong and clean jasmine scent
2min 205F – creamy jasmine, subtle and not overpowering. A pleasure to drink this tea, but it can get a little astringent if oversteeped.

Flavors: Creamy, Jasmine

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drank Silver Yeti by Nepal Tea
527 tasting notes

4/6 backlog. Sipdown.
2min, 212F – hay, sweet, thick and coating
3min, 205F – more sweetness coming out

I enjoyed this tea a lot.

Flavors: Hay, Sugar, Sweet, Thick

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Anxi Benshan Oolong from Little Woods
Bought this for work. I was disappointed with the flavor of this tea. Do I not like green oolongs anymore or is this tea not good? Turns out I wasn’t letting it steep for long enough….oops. Still, not the best tea. I still like green oolongs, but not this one. 70

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Sipdown @work. Fruity and malty. I wouldn’t mind replacing this when I’ve reduced my tea stash.

Flavors: Fruity, Malt

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Drank this tea immediately following the no roast milan maocha. Educational tasting session.
26 Hour roast. I underleafed this tea because I was wary of the roast. Still western brewing, 1-2 min, 3 steeps, 200-205F est. I didn’t drink this as quickly as the last.
Dry leaf: Twisty, but roasted. Smell: roasted, nuts
Taste: roasted, sour – ok. The roast level on this is okay, it’s not as deeply roasted as some oolongs I’ve been having lately. Roast is well done and compliments tea well. Creamy and coating. Deeper, darker flowers, like a darker amber, honey, and fruit. Still getting the tingly, floral, creamy. Roasted creamy aftertaste.

Of the two, I like the ‘unfinished’ better, but this tea is well done and the roast level works for me. I’ll need to try this in a gaiwan to see if my first impression is accurate.

Flavors: Creamy, Floral, Fruity, Honey, Nutty, Pleasantly Sour, Roasted

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I’m drinking the March tea club on time. This tea is super fresh (picked late Feb 2019).
Dry leaf has lots of stems and leaves that remind me of white tea. Smells of linen and looks unfinished. According to the info, this tea is in its natural state after processing, with stems and large leaves. It’s missing the final roast. Considered unfinished product and would not normally be available.
Drinking this western today. My variable temperature kettle broke, I have have one that just boils right now.
3 steeps, 1-2 min, approx 200F
Aroma – waft of wood, floral. Taste: floral, orchid, tingly, creamier as it cools, initially it had no depth, super-floral aftertaste
I enjoyed this educational tea.

Flavors: Creamy, Floral, Green, Orchid, Wood

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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I started my tea journey with Stash/Celestial Seasonings tea bags years ago. All loose leaf, unless I’m sick or traveling.

I like black, oolong, white, herbals, and raw/ripe pu’erh. I don’t drink green tea often.

I play video games, read, and do pottery. My current favorite tea mug is one I threw and glazed.

I generally review teas twice – initial and final steeps.

My cupboard is completely out of date. I have a spreadsheet (it’s current!!!) that’s over 300 teas. Pretty equal amounts of black, white, oolong, raw, & ripe with a little bit of green/herbal.

85-100 are teas that I loved and want to keep in stock.
71-84 are teas that are good. I may or may not get them again. Source for daily drinkers/work teas.
60-70 are teas that I didn’t like. I’ll finish what I bought.
Anything less than 60…nope.



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