Very unique smell and flavor! Orange blossom descriptor on the website is spot on. Actually everything about this tea is orangey. Should this be surprising? No. This tea varietal, Huang Zhi Xiang literally translates to “orange blossom fragrance.” What an apt name and another super intriguing tea from Verdant!

No bitterness or astringency. Trace sweetness. Strangly warming at first, with a cooling and refreshing aftertaste. Mouthfeel is crisp, zingy, and juicy. Aftertaste is tingly like you just bit into an orange and lasts 4 minutes at least (I timed it haha). Quite the sensory experience! Longevity is 6-8 infusions.

Really a wonderful tea. Is it worth $0.80/g? I think the opportunity cost is quite high there. I’ll stick with their Mi Lan Xiang for now. Curious to see if the other Dan Cong samples I ordered can hold a candle to that one ;).

Harvest: Spring 2022
Varietal: Huang Zhi Xiang
Location: Wudongshan, Guangdong
Elevation: 1000 m

Dry leaf: Orange blossom, roasted.
Wet leaf: Orange blossom.
Flavor: Orange blossom, orange, honeydew, sweet, brown sugar, floral, toasty.

Flavors: Brown Sugar, Crisp, Floral, Honeydew, Juicy, Orange, Orange Blossom, Roasted, Sweet, Toasty

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